10ml Diavlo E-liquid

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Diavlo e-liquid flavours
  The Carnation Street Gang  
  The Guv'Nor   The head of the family, looking for his rainbow sweet revenge. (Rainbow sweets)
  Cyclops Bob   The family nutter. Smooth as butter but mad as a bag of peanuts. (Peanut butter)
  Hob-Nailed Cobbler   Tobacco stained, tough as old boots, but he has a sweet caramel side. (Caramel tobacco)
  Jimmy 'No Mates'   Exotic coconut and vanilla, unexpected from this villainous loner. (Coconut and vanilla)
  Jimmy's Julie   Sugary sweet to her man, but beware, she’s a brutal gal with strawberries for brains. (Strawberry candy)
  Pat The Vicar   This ‘spear’mint geezer is cool under pressure. (Spearmint menthol)
  The West Enders Gang  
  The Boss   With no patience for weakness, this Cherry Menthol mix is only for those who know their own strength. If you can't handle it, don't do it. (Cherry menthol)
  Fingers Malone   As tender and purple as the deepest bruise. Blueberry, blackcurrants and grape swirl together to create the perfect punch. (Berries)
  Jack the Nipper   Sharp, arrogant; with a dash of effervescent narcissism, this one's a bit of a lemon squeezer. (Lemon sorbet)
  Micky Blue Eyes   One bad bad boy. Don't let looks deceive you...subtle smooth yoghurt on the exterior, but inside a deep and moody blueberry (Blueberry yoghurt)
  Micky's Girl   She's all toffee and sweetness with hints of dates and vanilla to melt your heart. (Sticky toffee pudding)
  Tommy Two Tubes    Mango and Lychee thrown perilously close together to create a pure, exotic taste. (Mango and lychee)
  The Old Bill
  Chief Angel    Light and fluffy with some real filling, he’s an angel who always rises to the occasion (Blueberry Muffin)
  Billy The Mole    He’s a rat, but no one knows it. Billy is ice cold and can turn the air blue. (Blue Raspberry Slush)
  The Judge    Don’t let the frilly wig fool you, The Judge is smooth as silk. (Custard)
  Miss Hayworth    A bad girl turned good. She’s sweet on the outside, but tart to the core. (Orange candy)
  Sly George    Can squeeze for intel by the punnetful, this sly copper is sharp as a blade. (Berry Lemonade)
  PC Brown    All brawn and no brains, this PC is always fizzing with anger. (Fruit fizz)
10ml Diavlo E-liquid

Product Code: C-DVLQ10

UK Produced 0.0% e-liquid / zero nicotine 0.3% Nicotine Strength 0.6% Nicotine Strength 1.0% Nicotine Strength High VG 75/25

With flavors influenced by Film Noir meets the Godfather with a London twist, we bring you Diavlo.

Born from a passion for the highest quality e-liquid and influenced by the underbelly of London, our Diavlo range is perfected for the palates of vapers. A high VG content means when using the right hardware, you can create thick, opulent clouds of vapor. But for everyday vaping it will deliver a smooth hit that encompass lavish flavors remaining perfectly balanced, for an impeccable all day vape.

Sourced and created in the UK using only the highest grade of components, Diavlo is a premium range of e-liquid. Continuing our commitment to produce our own products and pass the value onto our customers, we offer the Diavlo at a price that defies the exceptional standards of the range.

Offered in 18 exclusive flavors and in 4 strengths; 0.0%, 0.3%, 0.6% and 1.0% with a PG/VG ratio of 25:75.

For a full list of flavors please click the find out more.

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18 Age Restriction

RestrictionThe product is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18, and not for use by non-smokers