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Welcome to Totally Wicked USA

Totally Wicked (TW) was born of passion, a passion for vaping, a passion for business and a passion for service, and this still remains the backbone of our company today.

Totally Wicked has been trading since 2008 and is one of the founding companies of the electronic cigarette market. We were established with a mission to provide the best quality nicotine fluids, electronic cigarettes and the best possible customer service and support.

The hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of our TW team has secured and proven our position as one of the world’s premier electronic cigarette and e-liquid providers. Our helpful team will go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are provided with appropriate and reliable products, support and information. We offer several means for our customers to get in touch and contact us: through contacting our team on 888 761 9425, via our own forum, or by joining one of our ever-growing social media groups. We also have a number of retail shops where you can visit and purchase your vaping goods from.

At Totally Wicked we stock a large and growing range of products, ensuring we continue to be able to meet the needs of new and experienced users alike.

The market for e-liquid is growing rapidly as the immense positive potential for electronic cigarettes is starting to be more widely understood. This growth has produced a rush to find e-liquid, often from whatever source can provide, irrespective of the quality or indeed an understanding of the constituent ingredients. Totally Wicked NEVER sources fluid unless we have assured ourselves we are content with the safety and quality.

We build long-term relationships, we do not flit from supplier to supplier and we demand and assure both quality and consistency by working closely with all our suppliers and building strong inter-dependent relationships that build further the assurance of quality.

We stock a significant range of both electronic cigarettes and vaporizing devices as well as a range of e-liquid, which is framed around our four distinctive fluid ranges. Unlike most electronic cigarette companies, we have never allowed our fluids to be seen as a simple ‘commodity’ product used to sell our products. Quite the contrary, we place our fluids at the centre of our company’s business model. Each of our 4 ranges has their own heritage and relevance to our business. Our Red Label fluid is our exclusive signature range from our own in-house development and production team with the range using only the very best UK sourced ingredients.

You will also find that we promote the best possible value for money for our customers. No ploys to get you hooked to a device that has replenished cartridges at exorbitant prices. Our ‘Mix Your Own’ fluids where devised to allow both the widest of choice and the best value for money for our customers. Mixing you own fluids provides customers with the best quality and personalized flavors at a price that is unequalled internationally.

Why? Because it is the right thing to do.

We are a company that truly values some basic principles of integrity and honesty. This drives how we treat our customers and our employees. If we get our service wrong, it is because we have made a mistake and we want to know when this occurs so we can correct and build greater resilience and service quality into our businesses. For that reason we encourage all our customers to give us feedback. Through our Forum, our customer service team, our shops and resellers, or indeed if you feel it to be the right means, come to our offices and let us know.

Vaping and the products we and other vendors sell are transforming the centuries old habit of millions. We intend to be here supporting our customers and fighting for the rights of Vapers internationally whenever rights and freedom of choice are threatened. It is in these matters that our principles are again called to action. We will never allow for our commercial interests to override our basic responsibilities to do the right thing for our customers. This is how we hold ourselves to account each and every day.

Thank you for visiting our site. There are many companies that sell electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, but there is only one community that is Totally Wicked.


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