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Does anyone in power really support vaping?

19th August 2016

Cole-Bishop, Senator Johnson and HR2058. Many of us know the names of these important vaping bills and advocates, but who else in the higher echelons of power supports vaping? Is this a personal choice by our representatives, or is it more a party ‘thing’? TW has been digging around to find out, as this is important information and knowledge in the fight to save vaping. So let’s kick off with HR2058. It is classed as cross party, as there are said to be Democrats and Republicans that support it. But did you know, (at time of writing) out of the 71 co-sponsors, 70 are…

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Dear FDA Center for Tobacco Products

18th August 2016

We asked you to tell us your vaping stories, here is an excellent one which we are publishing 100% unedited. Please continue to let us know how vaping has been a force for good in your life. Dear FDA Center for Tobacco Products, My name is Robert Jacobson and I am a 37-year-old male, a born American citizen, the Executive Director of a statewide California public health nonprofit organization, a college graduate with a degree in business, a 15-year veteran of the casino industry, a former smoker and current ‘vaper’. As is the case with many children of smokers, I began smoking as…

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Want to know what a PMTA really involves?

11th August 2016

Some of you will have read articles that state that just one Pre Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) will cost anywhere between $300,000 to $1million dollars and take roughly 1700 man hours. But how many of you have an idea of what the FDA want in order to simply look at a product for a PMTA, never mind approve it? This post aims to scratch the surface of the PMTA requirements and give you more of an idea as to what lies beneath the money and man hours bandied around. It’s also worth bearing in mind while reading this post that the FDA…

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European vaping regulations – how come theirs is so different?

28th July 2016

Some of you may have been keeping an eye on the Europeans and their vaping regulations. Those that have will know that the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), the regulations that control tobacco products in Europe has now been made law, and the Europeans have new regulations for e-cigarettes. Companies in Europe have roughly a year’s period of grace to get their ducks in a row regarding compliance, and then by May 2017 all e-cigarette products must comply with the TPD. This will mean that within all member states of the European Union, (for that read countries and there are 28,) e-cigarettes…

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The FDA was asked a simple question and this is how they responded…

26th July 2016

Dr. Michael Siegel shared this on the Tobaccoanalysis blog spot. Here is the question, “Are e-cigs that do not contain nicotine (or any other tobacco extracts) also covered by the FDA deeming regulations? If so, will they also require pre-market approval like products that do not contain nicotine?” Pretty simple question don’t you think? It should have been answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. As Dr. Siegel points out, “if e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine then there is no basis for the FDA to assert jurisdiction over them as tobacco products. Therefore, these nicotine-free e-liquids would not be subject to the…

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What are the Chinese manufacturers doing about the FDA regulations?

21st July 2016

Cutting through the regulatory noise…. China probably has more to lose in a financial sense when it comes to these FDA regulations than the USA, as China is the power house of e cigarette manufacturing. The Chinese were pretty silent during the regulatory fight in Europe, so, what exactly are they doing to help the Industry here in the USA, if anything at all? The threat to the Industry as we have been pointing out in the last two posts is huge. Currently there are a couple of Bills going through the legislature and there are several court cases against the FDA.…

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Rachel's Ramblings

15th July 2016

Do you want to know how to make the very best our of our new Vape Points? I am about to impart some exclusive, insider, Totally Wicked knowledge on you guys. We all love vaping, but doesn’t everything taste better when it’s free? Here are my 5 tips to get free vape gear from Totally Wicked. (If my boss is reading this…Lisa look away quickly, plausible deniability and all that) Vape mail If you don’t know what Vape Points are by now, where have you been hiding? Shop as normal, wait with baited breath for your vape mail and you earn vape points, one for…

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That Predicate date!

14th July 2016

The Grandfather date, also known as the ‘predicate date’ for e-cigarettes is 15th February 2007. What this means is that any e-cigarette that was commercially marketed up till then can continue to be legally sold, without going through the Premarket Tobacco Application process.  If a manufacturer can show substantial equivalence (SE), i.e. demonstrating that the product is exactly the same now, as it was then,  it can continue to be marketed, unless the FDA decide otherwise. If the vaping product doesn’t match the SE criteria, then, as stated, it must now go through the Premarket Tobacco Application process, or PMTA, as it…

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New clinical study shows exclusive e-cigarette use reduces exposure to harmful chemicals similar to complete smoking cessation

12th July 2016

We are reporting this in its entirety with thanks to Fontem Ventures. New peer-reviewed research just published shows that smokers who completely substitute conventional cigarettes with commercial e-cigarettes experience dramatic reductions in exposure to harmful chemicals that are thought to contribute to tobacco-related diseases, not that dissimilar to complete smoking cessation. The clinical findings, reported in the Journal of Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods, measured the changes in fifteen biomarkers of exposure to harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) - reported by FDA to be significant contributors to smoking-associated disease risks, including carbon monoxide, aldehydes, and tobacco-specific nitrosamines - in the urine,…

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Indiana Vaping Law Update

11th July 2016

As a follow-up to our original article published back in March, we wanted to update you on HB1432 and its continuing affect on the Indiana vaping industry. As of July 1st - the house bill was adopted into state law, despite multiple legal challenges to its constitutionality. On June 30th - federal judge Judge Sarah Evans Barker of the Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis Division -  upheld the new law as constitutional making it the 2nd failed attempt to thwart the bill in less than a month. The first decision was handed down on June 2 by Marion Superior Court Judge Cynthia…

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