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The FDA is Destroying the Vaping Industry – Why Doesn’t Anyone Really Care?

8th December 2016

Four months have passed since the FDA Deeming Regulations went into effect, and to quote a famous American novel, “it’s all quiet on the Western front.”   Sure, there were a handful of lawsuits filed and advocacy groups are continuing to fight albeit in a fight that cannot be won against Big Tobacco and Big Pharmaceutical.   And, Totally Wicked USA brought the real issues to the forefront with our announcement that we will close our USA business in August of 2018 solely based on the abomination that is the Deeming Regulations.  However, I find myself constantly asking why no one else…

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Tobacco Tax, Wall Street and Some Incredibly Stupid Decisions

29th November 2016

Tobacco tax is known as a ‘sin’ tax. Which is a state sponsored excise tax specifically levied on certain goods deemed harmful to society and/or objects of widespread disapproval. In our case tobacco. The idea behind the sin tax is that it discourages certain behaviours without making them illegal... (we all know how successful prohibition was...). But sin taxes are regressive, as they hit the poorest the hardest, taking a larger portion from their income than from the wealthier, and in the long term, as we shall discover they are not good economics. Despite this, Governments love them as they sound great to the…

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Clive Bates on e-cigarettes and vaping with Sally Satel

29th November 2016

The FDA's recent deeming regulations will have tremendous negative effects on the market for e-cigarettes.

Is that good for consumers and their health? Clive Bates, Director of Counterfactual Consulting Limited, and AEI Resident Scholar Sally Satel discuss the FDA's regulations, common arguments against vaping, and how vaping can actually benefit smokers.


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Tobacco Control and the FDA

21st November 2016

Tobacco control in the US really began in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It took off after a joint letter to President Kennedy from the American Cancer Society, The National Tuberculosis Association, and the American Public Health Association warning about the dangers of smoking. Following that, 1965 saw the first warnings on cigarette packages, 1969 saw advertising of cigarettes banned on the TV and radio, and the 1970’s saw an increase in campaigning against tobacco. In 1980 Tobacco Control advocacy increases, and 1984 sees the FDA approve nicotine chewing gum as a cessation tool. Ironically four years later, in 1988, nicotine is…

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FDA 101

18th November 2016

Fun fact: The FDA regulates approximately 25 cents of every dollar spent annually by American consumers. So who or what is the FDA? Created for consumer protection, the FDA came into being in 1862 and was originally one lonely chemist. (Today, the FDA employs well over 10,000 personnel). The late 1800’s was a time of snake oil and fantastical magical remedies and the FDA creation was in response to this, with the aim of weeding out the charlatans. When the Food and Drug Act was passed in 1906 by President Roosevelt, there was a genuine need to see what was an effective medicine,…

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Press Statement - FDA to Shut Down Totally Wicked

11th November 2016

- Press Statement - Friday November 11 - For immediate release -  FDA to Shut Down Totally Wicked Totally Wicked, the Bradenton, Florida based Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid Company has decided it is time that the Vaping Industry and its Customers understand the reality facing them all. Totally Wicked arrived in the USA in 2008 and established the very first American bricks and mortar vape shop. Since then, we have built up a credible business with a proud history of standing up for vapers’ rights. We challenged the FDA in 2010 when it was illegally impounding our goods, and in Europe in 2015 we challenged…

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2nd November 2016

We are delighted to announce that Totally Wicked will be hosting a movie presentation of A Billion Lives. A true story of the vaping revolution and tragic corruption leading to a billion of deaths around the world. Having been at the Premier of the movie in Milwaukee in August, Stacey, our Customer Service Manager, was adamant that we must bring the show directly to our customers. While sadly we can’t bring it to all our customers, we felt that as Totally Wicked had opened the first Vape Store in the USA, in Bradenton, Florida, it was only fitting that we should…

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Could Vaping Help With Weight Control?

26th October 2016

Vaping flavored liquids could help with weight control, according to a paper co-authored by two Massey University researchers. Associate Professor Marewa Glover, Professor Bernhard Breier, and Professor Linda Bauld from Stirling University in Scotland, undertook a review of existing research. Their aim was to explore the theory that vaping could help battle obesity, by first establishing what the scientific consensus is to date. Dr Glover, who led the review, says current knowledge supports the idea that vaping flavored e-liquids might help with weight control, but further research is needed. "Vaping's use of e-liquids with food flavors, along with the mouth-feel and aroma of the…

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The Scientific E-Cig Conundrum

12th October 2016

Want to make the case against e-cigarettes? Scientific evidence is making that more and more difficult. A second Cochrane Review - the number one benchmark when it comes to assessing the state of the evidence on hot topics from sugar to fat to smoking - has concluded that e-cigs may help smokers quit without serious health consequences. The review concluded that of all 24 studies included, not a single one reported serious health risks to vapers from up to two years of e-cigarette use. Like the first review in 2014, this update is guarded, but also gives an approving nod to…

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Vapor from electronic cigarettes is non-toxic to human lung cells under normal usage conditions.

5th October 2016

The Tobacco Reporter in an article entitled “BAT providing e-cig leadership” reported on a British American Tobacco press note published October 1st in which it referenced two papers. Even when tests were performed using what was described as ‘extremely unrealistically high doses’, electronic cigarette vapor proved to be significantly less toxic to human lung cells than did cigarette smoke. And whereas cigarette smoke was cytotoxic even at levels typically observed in real life use, lung cells exhibited low levels of cytotoxicity only after exposing them to an amount of vapor equivalent to a day’s exposure in just one hour. “We only saw signs…

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