To Steep or not to Steep? This is the question.

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Or is it? Why would you steep your e-liquid? How would you steep your e-liquid – and do you really need to?

Steeping means to soak or be soaked in a liquid in order to soften/cleanse or extract an element. So when discussing steeping e-liquid –  it is all about extracting more flavour.

On one of the forums I found a little discussion about steeping and was intrigued – I thought surely the flavour remains the same?  You buy a bottle of e-liquid or make your own and that is that. If it did change, wouldn’t it depend on how many drops of flavouring you added to your mix and the method of storage? i.e., don’t leave it out in the heat on a sunny day with the cap off (never a good idea).

I was right about the storage. To keep your e-liquid – whether pre-mixed or home mixed – in the best condition it is advised to keep it at average room temp and out of direct sunlight. Some connoisseurs on the forum suggest basement/cellar temperatures, having discovered that tobacco flavours become darker, richer and more intense over time when stored underground. Slightly cooler it seems is better, but steeping?

A simple method of steeping that many of you probably do without even thinking is giving the bottle a good shake before you use it. Some prefer to swirl the liquid around the bottle,  but whichever method you choose you are in effect making sure that the ingredients are evenly distributed in the e-liquid. The heavier particles fall to the bottom of the bottle when it is not in use, and it could be argued that they are in effect ‘steeping’. Swirling and shaking loosens up the ‘steeped’ particles, and creates a more even and stronger flavour.

Below is another steeping method I like the sound of, and is for those of you that mix your own e-juice.

Boil some water and place it in a bowl, allow to cool for a few minutes. Place you bottle of freshly mixed e-liquid in it, (not covered – you don’t want it to drown) and leave it there until the surrounding water is room temp. Place the bottle in the dark, somewhere cool, for 4-6 days, and you will find the flavour is generally deeper and more rounded than if merely mixed and immediately vaped.

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  1. marie

    will steeping get rid of the chemical taste? I am new to the e-cigs and like the cartos. I bought some e-juice and when I try it, it is so chemically tasting. Is that the norm for e-juice or does it just need to “steep”? Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Marie,
      I suggest you post this question on the forum, and you will get a ton of help. If you are getting a strange taste, it could be due to many factors- which juice are you using? which cartos and battery? Are you priming the cartomizer? Write a full question – explain what you are doing/using and the experienced vapers will be able to point you in the right direction. the link to the forum is here:

      hope this helps!