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What is an Electronic Cigarette?

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

The Electronic cigarette, also called an e-cigarette or e-cig, was initially designed to look like a cigarette, but with the ability to deliver nicotine without the need to burn tobacco. The technology allows people to enjoy recreational nicotine without inhaling smoke, or the 4000 chemicals that are in tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have come a long way since they were first invented, but to get you started, here is an explanation of how an electronic cigarette works and its important component parts.

How do they work?

The e-cigarette is made up of 3 parts – please refer to the diagram, which supports the explanation below:

  1. The battery: e-cigs use re-chargeable lithium batteries. Tucked inside the battery is a switch that is triggered when the user inhales or power is manually applied, dependent upon e-cig type. When triggered the battery sends a charge to the atomizer.
  2. The atomizer: This is the ‘work horse’ of the electronic cigarette. An atomizer consists simply of a heater coil which is wound around a high temperature capillary wick. The wick; dependent upon the type of atomizer will be connected to the source of fluid to provide a continuously ‘wetted wick’. When power is applied to the coil and air is drawn across the wick wound coil, the fluid soaked wick is heated, providing atomised heated vapor to the user.
  3. The cartridge: In its basic form the cartridge is made of a plastic tube with a moulded mouthpiece and is the storage for the e-liquid. Inside some cartridge tubes the e-liquid is soaked into wadding, but for electronic cigarettes such as the Tornado Tank, the fluid is held in a sealed unit without wadding.

How do they work

What are they for?

Electronic cigarettes are used for recreational nicotine delivery. Many users find that after trying an e-cig, they no longer enjoy the taste of tobacco cigarettes, but some do still smoke cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have not been tested as a ‘stop-smoking’ device, and Totally Wicked does not promote them as such.

Why are they so popular and should I buy one?

Making the switch from regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes can feel a little daunting, but those who have made the switch rarely look back and here are a few reasons why:

  • Smoking regular cigarettes anywhere is getting tougher by the day, but in many cases where cigarettes are banned –electronic cigarettes are allowed.
  • There is no tar, no carbon monoxide or the cocktail of chemicals present when smoking a regular cigarette.
  • Research is currently being undertaken, and to date e-cigarettes are proving to be a cleaner way to obtain nicotine. However this is still a new industry and more research is always welcome.
  • The sensation is very similar to smoking; users experience the same warmth and the same ‘hit’ at the back of the throat.
  • E-smoking is more fun – there is a sense of community amongst vapers, they are generally an enthusiastic and friendly bunch – check out the Totally Wicked forum for proof of this.

How much is it going to cost me?

Generally, making the switch means saving money. Some calculations make it a saving of over 50% of the cost of smoking, however some people enjoy the whole vaping experience so much they buy several different e-cigs, sample different flavour e-liquids and they spend almost as much!

About Totally Wicked

Who is Totally Wicked?

Totally Wicked is an e-liquid and electronic cigarette company established in 2008, with operations in the UK, USA and Germany.

Who is Mr Wicked?

Mr Wicked is the alter ego of CEO Jason Cropper. The character brings much fun and Wickedness to the company and customers.

Who is Pillbox?

The name Pillbox came from one of Jason’s first businesses, and is used as a character reference to Jason. You will see Pillbox portrayed on the website and in the literature wearing a suit and tie.

Does Totally Wicked have a Mission Statement?

Please click here to read our Mission Statement.

Where is Totally Wicked located?

Our USA HQ is based in Bradenton, Florida. We also have offices in the UK and Germany, but we have many other outlets that sell our products globally. Please look here to find your nearest retailer of Totally Wicked products.

How do I contact Totally Wicked?

You can contact TW in several ways,

By mail: 2057 60th Place East, Bradenton, Florida 34203.

By telephone: 888 761 9425

By e-mail:

What is the idea behind the branding?

The original concept was for a Smoking Joker as the brand logo, but that rapidly evolved into the Mr Wicked character we have today. Mr Wicked as a personality stands for individuality, strength, electronic cigarettes and a whole host of Wickedness.

Is Totally Wicked constantly looking to improve and extend their product line?

Totally Wicked always has an eye out for new and innovative products, and our range of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids is constantly improving and evolving. We are currently developing new exclusive electronic cigarette devices, and a fluid range that is manufactured fully from UK products, which will be of the highest quality and the most expansive range currently available on the market.

Why should I choose Totally Wicked over other companies?

Because Totally Wicked provides much more than just excellent quality e-liquid and e-cigarettes;  buying from TW offers you entry to a vibrant community of e-cig users, a passion for all things e-cig related, expert knowledge and opinions and of course great value for money with superb customer service.

How long has Totally Wicked been trading?

6 Years and counting.

Electronic Cigarette Kits

How do I know which kit is the best one for me?

This will depend upon how many cigarettes you smoke per day, whether or not you want a cigarette look-a-like, and of course the cost.

What contents are in a Totally Wicked kit?

This varies from kit to kit, however all of our Starter Kits provides one electronic cigarette, a USB Charger and a bottle of our UK Manufactured Red Label e-liquid. 

Can I choose the e-liquid that comes in my kit?

Yes, all our kits offer a bottle of our Red Label e-liquid as standard, the drop down selection in each listing allows you to choose the flavor and strength that best suits your needs and preference. Should you require any assistance or information prior to making that choice, our Customer Service Team are always happy to help, they can be contacted via email at or via phone on 888 761 9425 

How long will the fluid in the kits last before I need to buy more?

This will depend on how regularly you use your device and which kit you purchased. As a general rule of thumb a 10ml bottle will last between 4 and 7 days.

Can I refill the cartridges that come in the kits?

Many of our customers find that the cartridges that come in the kits can be re-filled a couple of times, though we do recommend that you purchase refillable or empty cartridges compatible to your model of electronic cigarette.

Which colors are available?

We sell kits in a variety of different colours. Click here to visit our electronic cigarette section where you can view our range of electronic cigarettes and the colors available.

What size are the e-cigs in the kits?

These can vary, the Tornado Tank and Tornado eGo-C are approx. 13cm in length when fully assembled, and the Odyssey is around 17cm long.


What strength of e-liquids are available?

We offer a variety of nicotine strengths across our entire range of e-liquid. The lowest strength is 0mg (zero nicotine), and the highest strength is 36mg (super high). Other strengths available are 6mg, 8mg, 10mg, 11mg, 14mg, 18mg 24mg and 30mg, depending on the range.

Where is the e-liquid produced?

We offer a variety of e-liquid ranges manufactured by different suppliers.

Original e-liquid – made in China
Red Label - made in the UK
Titan e-liquid – made in China
Platinum Ice and Titanium Ice – made in the UK
Patriot Range – made in the USA

Herbal e-liquid  made in the UK 



All of our e-liquid is manufactured using the strictest of quality control procedures and are all CHIP compliant.  You can be sure that whichever range you choose from, you are buying some of the best e-liquid currently available.

What is a flavor concentrate?

A flavor concentrate is purely a flavor and is used when mixing your own fluid. They are not designed to be vaped on their own without dilution - be that a nicotine base such as Platinum or Titanium Ice, or a non nicotine base such as PG. Concentrates can be used to increase the flavor strength of your e-liquid by simply adding a couple of drops of flavor concentrate to a cartridge filled with e-liquid.  We suggest you experiment with the amount of drops needed to suit your taste. We stock an expansive range of concentrates in both tobacco and other flavors. Please follow this link for tips on how to mix liquids.

How much e-liquid will I use each day?

This will vary as to the type of electronic cigarette used, whether you are a heavy vaper, and to a certain extent the way you operate the device (long regular inhalations against infrequent short inhalations).If you buy a starter kit, you will establish quite quickly how much e-liquid you are using, and this will guide you as to how much e-liquid you’ll need to buy in the future.

What is the best way to store my e-liquid?

E-liquid is generally very stable and should be stored with a childproof sealed cap on, in a cool place away from strong light.

What is the difference between PG, AG and Glycerine (VG)?

Propylene Glycol (PG), Aqueous Glycerine (AG) and Glycerine (VG) are used to dilute the nicotine and flavor concentrates to make a stable ‘vaporizable’ solution. These additives are found in many everyday foodstuffs and are extremely safe.
Propylene Glycol (PG) is the best solution for stable fluid atomization and produces what users call a ‘throat hit’, but lacks vapor production.
Glycerine's (VG) characteristics assist in the production of the visible vapor you exhale and can increase sweetness but does not create 'throat hit'. Glycerine is a very thick liquid and ideally needs to be diluted with distilled or deionised water to make it suitable for use in electronic cigarettes. The ratio of Glycerine (VG) to distilled or deionised is 85 parts Glycerine (VG) to 15 parts of distilled or deionised water.
Aqueous Glycerine (AG) has been pre-diluted with deionised water and is ready for use straight from the bottle and has the same vaping characteristics as Glycerine (VG).

You can adjust the quantities of each solution to suit your taste.
Ready to use e-liquids are normally composed of 80% PG and 20% Glycerine (VG). 

Can you use any e-liquid in any e-cig?

All of our e-liquid can be used with any electronic cigarette, including Titan e-liquid (despite the name).

How do I mix e-liquids?

For information and advice on mixing, please follow this link.

How many flavors can I choose from?

We have dozens of flavors in our ready to vape e-liquids, from tobacco to fruity exotic and savory flavors. If you wish to mix your own e-liquid then there are even more flavors to choose from and some flavors work well in combination. The only limitation is your imagination!

Is there any danger of allergic reactions to the e-liquid?

Most of our e-liquid contains Propylene Glycol which is the ingredient that produces the vapor. Although found in many foodstuffs, this ingredient has been reported to cause a mild allergic reaction to some users such as mouth irritation. For more information we suggest you contact your GP.

What is the shelf life of the liquid?

The accepted shelf life of e-liquid is 2 years from the date of manufacture. The presence of air and light can start to oxidize the e-liquid and the color can darken with exposure, however this does not affect the flavor, strength or safety of our e-liquid.

Is e-liquid safe to use?

E-liquid contains nicotine, which in its raw form is classed as a poison. However, e-liquid that is prepared for use in electronic cigarettes is heavily diluted from this high production concentration, and does not present the same danger as nicotine in its raw concentrated form.  Nevertheless, e-liquid must be treated with due respect and please note the following considerations.
  1. ALWAYS keep cartridges and e-liquid out of the reach of children and pets.
  2. ALWAYS keep cartridges and e-liquid in a childproof container with the lid firmly on.
  3. Should a child or pet swallow a cartridge or ANY amount of e-liquid seek medical advice immediately, taking the bottle or similar cartridge with you, enabling the Dr or Vet to identify the e-liquid ingredients.
  4. Should you get e-liquid on your skin, simply rinse it off with water as soon as possible.
  5. Should you get e-liquid in your mouth, rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water.
  6. Should an adult swallow a cartridge or any amount of e-liquid seek medical advice immediately, again taking the bottle or similar cartridges with you.


What is the difference between a regular atomizer and a low resistance atomizer?


What is a Passthrough and why might I need one?

A Passthrough is a battery that is attached directly to a USB port through a cable.

The Passthrough cable has a standard USB plug for connecting to a PC, car charger or a USB mains adapter. The other end of the cable connects to the battery allowing for continuous charging.

The LED at the mini-USB socket lights red when the battery is taking charge; when this LED shuts off it means the battery is fully charged. The Passthrough cable can be disconnected from the battery and used cable free.

How do I know when my battery is fully charged/needs charging/needs replacing.

With Titan batteries the blue or red LED on the end of the battery flashes several times to indicate a charge is required.

With the Tornado batteries the power button flashes several times to indicate a charge is required.

The chargers for the batteries have status LED’s that light up red when the batteries are taking charge, alternate from red to green near to completion, and when the LED is a steady green color the battery is fully charged.

As a battery comes to the end of its usable life the period between charges becomes shorter.

Batteries generally last between 2 and 4 months depending on use.

How do I know I am buying the correct accessories for my e cig model?

If you are unsure whether an accessory is correct for your e-cig, it is always advisable to check with our Client Service Team. You can contact Totally Wicked via the  “Contact us” link on the home page. Alternatively, you can join the very active forum for Totally Wicked users and post a question there. The forum has a wealth of information and advice submitted by experienced and enthusiastic members.

What is the difference between an automatic and manual battery?

Automatic batteries have a digital pressure sensor that senses when a vacuum is created when drawing on the mouthpiece of the e-cig. This automatically operates a switch that sends battery power to the atomizer. This operating method emulates smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Manual batteries have a power button that needs to be pressed every time you take a draw in order to send the battery power to the atomizer. Many people feel they have better control over their vaping style using a manual battery.

Are Totally Wicked parts compatible with products from other companies?

Components from other companies can vary considerably, as such we do not recommend nor guarantee our products used with non Totally Wicked devices.

Do you have cases for my e-cig?

Totally Wicked have a selection of cases available for most of our electronic cigarettes, they can be found in the accessory pages.

Our most popular case is the Tornado Zipped Carry Case, which can be used for most of your electronic cigarette parts here.

What is the difference between a Cartridge and a Cartomizer?

Electronic cigarettes usually have three parts; a battery for powering the atomizer that heats the e liquid to a vapour, and the cartridge that hold the e liquid.

Cartomizers are an alternative to the atomizer and cartridge, as the atomizer and cartridge are combined into a one-piece disposable unit, which is then attached to the battery, though they can be refilled several times.

Ordering and Shipping

Who can purchase from Totally Wicked?

Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase from Totally Wicked, whether it be for yourself or for a family member or friend. We often ask for age verification via email prior to shipping.

How can I order the Totally Wicked products?

You can order through our website, in one of our retail outlets or over the telephone by calling 888 761 9425 For more contact details please click here.

How can I pay for my order?

If you are in one of our outlets, you can pay by cash or credit/debit card. Over the telephone you can pay with a Visa, American Express. Through the website you can pay with Paypal or again with a valid credit/debit card.

How can I see my previous orders?

You will be able to view all of your previous orders by logging into your online TW account.

What name will appear on my statement?

The name that will appear on your bank/credit/debit statement will be Totally wicked USA Inc

Where is my order confirmation?

Your order confirmation will arrive through the email address used to register your TW account with. You will also receive e-mail updates when your order is shipped stating your parcel tracking number.

How much will it cost for delivery?

Delivery costs within the USA are as follows:

Standard $2.99
Express $25.99
International $35.99

How soon will my order arrive?

If you live in the USA your order will be shipped via either USPS or UPS, you should expect delivery within 2-5 working days. However, please allow up to 10 working days for delivery.


Do you deliver overseas?

Yes, we deliver to many countries, however there are exceptions, therefore if in any doubt please contact Customer Service before placing your order on 888 761 9425, they we will be happy to offer assistance.

What happens if I have not received my parcel?

If you have not received your parcel within the specified timescale, you should contact the Client Service Team immediately so that we can look into this further for you.
Tel: 888 761 9425 

Warranty and Returns

How long is the warranty on the products?

Warranty can vary between products, please see the warranty section in our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Are there any exceptions to the warranty?

There are no exceptions to the warranties stated in our Terms and Conditions.

How do I return a faulty item?

Before you return a suspect faulty item, you should first contact the Client Service Team by phone on: 0888 761 9425, or via e-mail:

We have found that very often a member of our team successfully identifies and helps to rectify a suspected faulty item. Only when you have been given specific instruction should you return a faulty item to us.

Any unauthorized returned items may not be dealt with.

Can I return an item that I simply do not like?

As the product is an oral product, once used it cannot be returned unless faulty.

What is a DOA Warranty?

DOA stands for ‘Dead on Arrival’. If you have a product that carries such a warranty, you have 48 hours to inspect the goods and contact us should there be any problems. If you do not contact us during this time and come across a DOA item, the warranty will be invalid.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled any time prior to shipping.

What if I order the wrong item in error?

If you order the incorrect item, please inform the Client Service Team immediately so that we can attempt to change the order before it is shipped.

I have changed my mind and no longer want the goods, they are unused, can I return them?

Please see the Cancellation and Returns Policy in our Terms of Use which can be found here.

Social/Business Opportunities

Which social media can I use to interact with Totally Wicked?

There are plenty of ways to join in with the Totally Wicked community. You can find us on most of the popular media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Click on the icons below to check out the pages we have

Facebook-icon Twitter-icon YouTube-icon RSS-icon (1)

We have a very active forum which you can visit and become a member here:

Do you have any exclusive offers available on your social media?

We regularly issue discount codes or have promotion days exclusive to our different social media pages. We also run many competitions with the opportunity for our fans to win great prizes, including electronic cigarette kits, e-liquid and Totally Wicked account credits!

Do you have an affiliate/referral program?

Vape for Life Referral Scheme

Terms & Conditions for Customers

  • Any existing customer that makes a referral receives a $15.00 credit and the new customer placing the order will receive a 15% discount on their first order (minimum order of $50.00)
  • It is the referrer’s responsibility to ensure that the referee is aware of the minimum order requirement and Terms and Conditions of the scheme.
  • The $15.00 credit will be added to the existing customers account once the order for the new customer has been paid for.
  • If the new customer purchases a discounted product, they will receive a 15% credit on their TW account, rather than a discount at order stage as already discounted goods cannot be further discounted. If a mixture of both full priced and discounted products are purchased then the 15% discount will apply to the full priced goods only.
  • This offer is available for phone orders only.
  • The referral fee will only by payable on the first order made by the new customer.
  • To ensure that both the referral fee is paid and the discount received please provide the name, town and postcode of the referrer.
  • Once the goods are shipped the referee will receive an email that will inform them that their account has been credited and information on how to use the credit at the checkout point.
  • Customers can refer as many people as they wish and a $15.00 credit will be added onto their account for each referral received.
  • There is no cash equivalent and only Totally Wicked Credit will be paid.
  • There can be no retrospective credits paid or discounts given.

For more information, please give us a call today on 888 761 9425 or email

Can I submit a video reviewing your products?

Please do! We are always happy to see good quality reviews which we frequently use on our YouTube page.

Please submit your reviews to: or post them on our Facebook page!

I enjoy writing articles; can I submit them to you for your blog?

We welcome and encourage customer’s input. Please submit your articles to

Can I purchase your products at wholesale prices?

Totally Wicked has a successful resellers program. The ‘reseller’ link on the homepage will take you to the application page and provide further information.

Do you offer area exclusivity for resellers?

No, unfortunately at this point we do not.

Can I sell your products on my website?

This will depend upon which Country you are situated in. If Totally Wicked does not own a website or retail outlet in your Country, then we may sanction e-commerce reselling. Please contact us for further clarification regarding this.

Can you supply me with marketing material/artwork?

Once you become an authorised reseller we will be able to offer you marketing information and use of our artwork.

Do you send regular newsletters?

Weekly newsletters are sent every Friday giving details of the latest special offers, keeping our customers informed of new products and special events. You can sign up for the Newsletter here.


Why is the LED on my battery flashing?

A flashing battery LED is an indication that it needs to be re- charged, or you are drawing on the battery too many times in quick succession.

My battery is not lighting up.

This indicates the battery is in need of charging.

There is very little or no vapor.

First ensure the battery and atomizer connections are clean before you assemble them, as dirt can cause a bad connection resulting in poor vapour production. A second reason for little or no vapor production could be flooding of the atomizer with e-liquid; this happens when drawing on the e-cig too hard or too fast. With electronic cigarettes it is better to take long steady light draws of 4 to 5 seconds.

I’m getting a horrible burnt taste.

This is an indication that e-liquid is not reaching the atomizer coil. Users of the Tornado Tank should ensure they leave an air-gap and do not fill the tank completely with e-liquid; this is because Tornado Tank cartridges work by creating a vacuum around the tank, and it is necessary to have an air-gap within the tank for it to operate correctly. Click here for a maintenance guide.

My e-cigarette is leaking.

One reason for leakage between the atomizer and the battery is due to drawing on the e-cig too hard or too fast, thereby drawing more liquid into the atomizer than can be heated by the coil. With electronic cigarettes it is better to take long steady light draws of 4 to 5 seconds.

Why am I getting liquid in my mouth?

Condensation forms as a result of the heated liquid cooling on the outer surfaces of the atomizer, and this can build up within the mouthpiece, eventually being drawn into the mouth. It is good practise to blow through the mouthpiece before you refill the tank/cartridge with e-liquid.

My battery is not charging.

Batteries not charging can be due to the contacts between the battery and the charger needing cleaning. It is advisable to check the cleanliness of the threads on both the battery and charger before each charge.

My battery is getting really hot.

Batteries should not become very hot.

When charging, keep the battery and charger away from any heat source (especially in a car on a hot day). Always regularly clean the contacts on the battery and charger for optimal charging. e-cig batteries use the same type of battery technology as that in cell phones and laptop computers, and care must be taken when handling. A battery should be discarded appropriately if it is damaged in any way.

Batteries have protection technology built into them that should guard against over-charging, and short circuit protection to prevent them from shorting out, but this may not afford protection against internal damage if the battery is crushed or dropped.

My atomizer is getting really hot

Frequent use of the e-cig can cause the atomizer to heat up considerably; this is normal.

I am drawing on my e-cig but it is not producing any vapor

Should this be the case, we suggest you run through this quick checklist: Is the battery charged? Are the battery connections clean? If the atomizer is not new then it could be the atomizer has failed. Atomizers are sold as a disposable product and will eventually fail at some point.


Will I quit smoking using this product?

We do not advertise our product as a ‘quit smoking’ aide. This is an alternative nicotine delivery system and will not cure your addiction to nicotine.

Can I use an e-cig in places where smoking is banned?

Yes, but it is always advisable to check with the proprietor before you use it in their establishment.

Can I take my e-cig on a plane?

It is perfectly legal to take e-cigarettes on planes, but we would recommend that you check with the airline before you fly to prevent confiscation or confusion.

Is the product FDA/MHRA approved?

Not yet. E-cigarettes are currently the subject of review by a number of international government and legislative bodies. There are also on-going academic studies related to the product’s safety and smoking cessation efficacy.

Is it safe to vape when pregnant?

There have been no clinical trials to date with pregnant women and e-cigarettes. We strongly recommend that you check with your Doctor before using whilst pregnant.

Is vaping healthier than smoking a real cigarette?

Vaping has not yet been proven to be healthier, however you will not be inhaling the carcinogens or toxic chemicals that are present in traditional cigarettes.

How much money can I save?

We have estimated users can save up to $2000 a year depending on your personal usage.

What is the YO YO Promotion?

This is an exclusive money saving promotion; please click here for more information.

How do I recycle my batteries/atomizers/cartridges?

Batteries and atomizers can be recycled at any council run plant or battery deposit points. These deposit points can be found at many local stores. Cartridges should be placed in your plastics recycling bin.

Is there any danger of passive smoking?

There is no evidence to support any dangers of passive smoking. The vapor produced has not been proven to be hazardous.

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