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Forward Thinking Prison Opens Electronic Cigarette Shop for Inmates


Forward Thinking Prison Opens Electronic Cigarette Shop for Inmates

For decades, prison dramas and films have depicted nicotine products as a highly sought-after and lucrative currency in the ‘big-house’. A pack of smokes has been seen to carry the power to draw favour, influence inmates and be used as a part of a trade.

Now however, there is a US jail that has challenged this status quo and the institute of the prison drama with the introduction of an e cig store within the jail’s four walls. Russell County Jail in Phenix City, Alabama hopes that allowing inmates to purchase electronic cigarettes and e liquids will help calm the atmosphere.

The e cigs went on sale earlier this month and can be bought for $18 each. Traditional cigarettes are banned in the institution and the Russell County Sheriff believes that this often translates into a testing atmosphere within the prison and could lead to unnecessary problems for the wardens operating within. Hoping that the e cig will calm and placate the inmate, Sheriff Heath Taylor is looking for a safer, more positive environment.

"One of the things we were looking at is having a calmer, better behaved inmate and I think that will happen with the introduction of the e-cigarette."

The introduction appears to have been a great success with inmate Tony Brown claiming that many of the inmates have tried the e cig devices and are enjoying using them. Wardens and authority figures will be hoping that the inmates continue to enjoy the use of e cigs as it could lead to a decrease in contraband tobacco. Contraband tobacco is one of the biggest problems that the jail and many of the jails throughout the US are currently enduring. Simple access to electronic cigarettes without the headache of having them removed by wardens may convince some inmates that tobacco cigarettes are not worth the hassle.

The jail is pleased to announce that this move will not be a drain on the taxpayer, with each e cig device sold generating about $5 of profit. This profitability may make the introduction of electronic cigarettes into prisons an attractive option for other US institutes and those around the World.
29th August 2013, 13:20

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