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The Electronic Cigarette Etiquette


The Electronic Cigarette Etiquette

Our daily habits and nuances are often guided by a sense of etiquette. Whilst some may complain that chivalry is dead; many people still understand the courteous necessity to allow an elderly person take a seat on public transport. This important self-imposed etiquette has long been important for society to continue functioning in a friendly and amiable fashion. Tobacco cigarettes were similarly affected by etiquette roles and in the 21st century, electronic cigarettes are now the subject for etiquette debate.

Being a relatively new product, the etiquette surround the e cig is still developing and growing. It is up to the vapers of the world to create a friendly and welcoming community for potential vapers and remain conscientious to our non-vaping friends. As the first generation of vapers, we can really set a positive precedent and impression of e cig users!

We can help people see that vaping is a social past time and not just a novelty party-trick. Understanding vapers will help people understand the role that e cigs already play in society.

Many people who have not had first-hand experience of an electronic cigarette may be curious and slightly perplexed about the small stick protruding from your mouth. A simple explanation that the e cigs are water vapour-emitting, tobacco-free alternatives to cigarettes will help people understand the ins-and-outs of the vaping world.

It is important to be courteous to those that you vape around. If somebody asks you to stop smoking, simply explain that the e cig is not a traditional cigarette. If they still want you to stop vaping, it is friendly and humble to do so. The lack of limitations that are placed upon vaping means that you will be able to resume enjoying your electronic cigarette very shortly.

To be extra polite, simply ask those around you if they mind you vaping before starting. This will show them that you are concerned about their welfare and that vapers are brilliant, lovely people!

Some establishments place prohibitions upon the use of electronic cigarettes on their property. If there is no clear indication regarding the usage of e cigs when you visit a new place, confer with the management in regards to their policies. This will eliminate any potentially embarrassing conflicts!

Let the vaping public of the world become the envy of the politeness police!

13th March 2013, 9:51

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