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New York Times Blasts Electronic Cigarette Banning Committee


New York Times Blasts Electronic Cigarette Banning Committee

Earlier this week the New York City Council held a meeting regarding the future of electronic cigarettes which the New York Times described as ‘one of the most scientifically vague and emotionally charged health committee hearings in recent memory.’

The New York Times picked out Councillor James Gennaro as the main advocate for placing emotional personal opinion above scientific fact as he clumsily suggested that electronic cigarettes would make smoking cool again. Citing that it is all too simple for children to mistake e cigs with tobacco cigarettes, Gennaro divulged a fantasy wherein witnessing a vaper would turn an innocent child into a 20-a-day smoker.

He backed-up this tenuous theory with the help of Dr. Thomas Farley, the Senior Adviser to the former New York Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden – a man who has recently been lambasted for publishing misleading research into electronic cigarettes.

Gennaro revealed: “He [Dr. Farley] said that the problem with e-cigarettes was that they made smoking socially acceptable, and that they were a ‘bridge’ for people who went back to smoking regular cigarettes. He said that they do put out fine particles and chemicals, and ‘I certainly can’t guarantee that this is safe.’”

The New York Times article was almost audible as it laughed off these claims, pointing out that perfumes and cooking both also give out fine particles and chemicals. 

The ever-charitable Dr. Farley also suggested that a ban on electronic cigarette use in public would help confused bartenders and restaurant owners who are unable to distinguish between vaping and smoking. Lest the serving staff be embarrassed by such a faux-pas when approaching androgynous vapers. Conversely, neither Gennaro or Farley have considered that such mix-ups would be less frequent as electronic cigarettes continue to become more commonplace and recognised, allowing bar etiquette (surprisingly near to the top of the New York City Council’s agenda) to remain undisturbed.

Dr Farley’s metaphorical ‘bridge’ that he claimed electronic cigarettes to be was torn down by the congregation of former smokers present at the committee meeting to lend their support to electronic cigarettes. If e cigs – the bridge – are the alternative, then traditional cigarettes must be wading through tar-ridden waters. And consenting adults surely must be given the choice between these two options.

14th January 2014, 11:19

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