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Swine Flu and E-Cigarettes

A very curious article has appeared in, where the authors use swine flu to argue for e-cigarettes as…
27 November 2015

Former Smokers are the Biggest Users of E-Cigarettes

There are no surprises in this headline for those of us that vape, but Medical have been reporting on…
20 November 2015

Red flag for vapers: avoid some flavoring agents

16 November 2015

More Than 9 Million Adult Vapers in the USA

Numbers from the CDC for last year show that 3.7% of American adults use e-cigarettes on a regular basis, making the…
12 November 2015

FDA Regulations

The FDA e-cigarette deeming regulations have entered the final stage for approval now that they have been sent to the…
09 November 2015

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