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New Jersey Governor Plans Raised E Cig Tax ‘For Public Health’

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, has shown his compassionate and caring side by revealing that new tax hikes on…
04 April 2014

Lawmakers Considering Radical Tax Increase

Washington lawmakers are currently weighing up a radical tax increase on electronic cigarette products. Having…
21 March 2014
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Tobacco subsidiary sues 11 E Cigarette makers for patent infringements.

Netherlands based company Fontem Ventures, manufacturers of the Puritane e cigarette and wholly owned subsidiary of…
20 March 2014

Los Angeles Passes Law Restricting Electronic Cigarette Use

Los Angeles joined the growing list of cities that are restricting electronic cigarette use in public after passing a…
13 March 2014

Etiquette Survey Finds that Two Thirds of Americans are Fine with Public Vaping

A national study about electronic cigarette etiquette has revealed that 63% of Americans would not be bothered by…
18 February 2014

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