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Here you can find out about the latest electronic cigarette news- what is happening in the electronic cigarette world, electronic cigarette reviews, latest developments here at Totally Wicked, and much more!

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USA Representative introduces legislation to force the FDA to Grandfather in all e-cig devices

Representative Tim Ide from Oklahoma has introduced proposed legislation that would set the grandfather date for e…
21 May 2015

Kansas Senators looking to tax e-liquid

Senators in Kansas are eyeing up e-cigarettes as a potential tax revenue stream...
14 May 2015

SAFTA support age verification laws for e-cigarettes.

Cynthia Cabrera, the Executive Director of the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SAFTA) has written an…
07 May 2015

Hawaiian bill raising the age of smoking to 21 to include e-cigarettes.

Hawaiian lawmakers are in the final stages of raising the legal age of smoking to 21. Find out more here...
01 May 2015

Vape shop owners fight pending indoor e-cig ban

Vape shop owners in Denver, Delaware are fighting back against legislation that will effectively close down their…
27 April 2015

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