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FCT to enforce e-cig advertising rules?

The Federal Trade commission (FCT) are, according to the National Law Review Magazine considering taking enforcement…
27 March 2015

Experts in New Zealand call for a reversal of the e-cigarette ban have reported on an e-cigarette symposium in Auckland, New Zealand has had experts calling for the ban on e…
13 March 2015

90% success rate for teens buying e-cigs online - when using their parents ID cards with consent

Capitol OCT website have published an article regarding the results of a ‘study’ by the National Cancer Institute. The…
05 March 2015

Forbes magazine finds e cigarette tax reasoning faulty

Forbes online magazine this week looked at the blog site of a Governor Gary Herbert of Utah, and they do not like what…
02 March 2015
Nicotine vapourising indoors banned

E-Cig Vendor files ethics complaint against Hawaii County Council Chairman

Mariner Revell, owner of Irie Hawaii Smoke Shop has filed a petition against Council Chairman Dru Kanuh, alleging…
20 February 2015

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