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Enter a new dimension of vaping with our Platinum and Titanium ice high strength nicotine e-mixing liquids. Made exclusively by Totally Wicked to help you create the best tasting liquids on the planet.

Totally Wicked strive to offer the best products at the best price.

To achieve this, we have had to innovate and develop fluids that are both ground-breaking and unique. Our ‘mix your own’ fluids now allow our customers to express their individuality using e-liquid and beautifully showcases our innovation.

The concept of allowing electronic cigarette users to create and mix their own fluids was developed by Totally Wicked. In 2009 we produced the first high strength mixing nicotine solution in our flagship Platinum Ice 54mg/ml fluid. This included a range of flavors and diluents to equip customers with all they needed to create their very own e-fluid. Our customers love the freedom that our ‘mix your own’ products allow, and they have become so popular, they now form one of our most important ranges.

If you would like further information on what ‘mix your own’ entails, then you can read more about it and the related products in our ‘E-liquid Facts’ section. 

So what does it entail? Simply it requires 3 base fluids (nicotine solution, flavor concentrate and diluent) mixed together in the correct ratio to produce the fluid flavor and strength that you wish. The nicotine solution mixed with the diluent creates the strength and the addition of the flavor concentrate adds the desired taste. All that is required is some simple measuring of the right volumes of each; a bit of mixing and you are set. There is plenty of supporting information throughout the site, perhaps the most easy to follow are the set of mixing tables that simply define what you need to add to produce the right strength fluid Mixing guide. Below is a simple summary of the basics behind ‘mixing your own’:


Remember the 3 basic constituents are:

  • Nicotine: The stimulant in cigarettes and the substance that is addictive in cigarettes is the nicotine. In our ‘mix your own’ range we offer nicotine in strengths of 54mg/ml and 72mg/ml, in our Platinum and Titanium Ice fluids. These are available in either a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine base and in volumes of 50ml and 100ml.
  • Flavoring: Nicotine has no discernible taste. Therefore to produce the taste in your e-liquid a flavor needs to be added.  There are an infinite number of flavors that can be used.  We believe we stock not only some of the finest tasting and highest quality e-liquid flavorings, but also one of the widest and most exciting ranges available. We currently offer flavors within 2 ranges: the Original concentrate range, which includes separate Tobacco and Flavor concentrate ranges and our new Gold Standard Range which will eventually include over 80 flavors. The Gold Standard is a range that has been developed and made by Totally Wicked in our own facility. It uses only the finest quality UK sourced flavors and is a range we are particularly proud of.
  • Diluents: The third ingredient of e-liquid is a diluent. The diluent essentially performs two functions. Firstly it is added to dilute the mixture of nicotine and flavors to the correct strength. Secondly it adds the part of the solution that produces the vapour that is inhaled and ‘transports’ both the flavor and nicotine from the electronic cigarette to the user. The common diluents used in our products are:
        • Propylene Glycol (PG): Our Propylene Glycol is high quality pharmaceutical grade. Propylene Glycol helps to produce what we refer to as ‘throat hit’ in combination with nicotine and flavors. As a guide, our pre-mixed e-liquids contain a mixture of 80% Propylene Glycol and 20% Glycerine.
        • Aqueous Glycerine (AG): Our Aqueous Glycerine is high quality pharmaceutical grade, and is diluted with de-ionised water to keep the same viscosity as Propylene Glycol.

Why not take a look and see just how easy and exciting mixing your own fluid can be.

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