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E-Cig Kits Help & Support


Whether you are new to Electronic Cigarettes or a Vaping Veteran looking for a high quality kit, Totally Wicked has lots of options to choose from.

The e-cigarette kits shown below have been developed to offer a range of options to suit all needs: from the new or novice vaper who is looking for a high quality initial experience with an electronic cigarette to the experienced user wishing to upgrade.

New to vaping? Take a look at our New Vaper section.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigs) are made from 3 main components, a battery, atomizer and tank/cartridge. Shown below is a Totally Wicked Tornado eGo-C e-cig. There are many variants, some that attempt to look like conventional tobacco cigarettes and others that look nothing like conventional cigarettes, but they all work along the same principles with the same primary component parts. To find out more about electronic cigarettes visit our New Vaper section.


E-Cig Starter Kits available at Totally Wicked 

We have a wide range of electronic cigarette kits that are ideal for those new to vaping, or indeed a spare for a regular vaper. Whether you are looking for a classic cartridge tank or a revolutionary new design, we are sure that you will find a vaping device within our range to suit you.

The e-cig kits contain everything that a new or experienced user will require to use the product directly from the pack. All kits come with a rechargeable battery, atomizer system and a bottle of our own Red Label e-liquid in a flavor and strength of your choice. Take a look at the starter kits we offer below, we have also included manual downloads for further help:

                                                                                                                                                                                       Manual Downloads: 


   • Variable Voltage output range 3.3V to 5.0V
   • Fantastic introduction into variable voltage vaping
   • Ability to still use whilst charging.
   • 4 distinct colors for every taste


Full Kit $39.99



   • Slim and discrete design
   • Automatic and Manual Battery options
   • Classic Tank or Replacement Coil Systems
   • Available in five eye catching colors

   Titan CC
   Titan Tank

Full Kit $29.99



   • Quick and easy to use with a convenient design
   • Everything you need to start in one package
   • Available in a variety of stunning colors
   • All include a 650mAh manual operation battery


Kits from $29.99


Tempest-starter-kits    • Slim, sleek, legant design complete with adjustable airflow
   • Available in 5 unique colors
   • 650mAh manual operation battery
   • Passthrough battery ability to vape while you charge

 Full Kit $29.99



   • Slim, lightweight, easy to use e-cig
   • Automatic battery
   • 0.8ml easy to fill e-liquid transparent tank
   • Ability to still use the e-cig whilst on charge


Full Kit $24.99


TECC-Go-E-Cig    • Magnetic passthrough charging system
   • Slim and discrete design
   • Available in black and brushed steel
   • 220mAh automatic operation battery
   Go e-cig  

Full Kit $19.99


Disposable-e-cigarettes    • Tobacco or Menthol Disposable Cigarettes
   • Large or small Disposable Cigars
   • Automatic operation
   • Quick and convenient to use

Disposables $6.99




Intermediate/Advanced E-Cig Kits available at Totally Wicked

Totally Wicked stock what we believe to be the most eclectic and diverse range of quality electronic cigarette kits. From simple entry level kits right through to more advanced variable voltage devices you will find a kit to suit you here.

Our kits are divided into family series to help make navigation simple. The main attributes are outlined below, to discover more simply click the section to be taken to that series home page. Our electronic cigarette kits contain everything that a new or experienced user will require to use the product directly from the box, including a bottle of our UK produced Red Label e-liquid in a flavor and strength of your choice. All our kits are listed such that you can understand clearly what each product provides and the options available.

Take a look below at the intermediate/advanced we offer, we have also included manual downloads for further help:

                                                                                                                                      src= Manual Downloads:


   • Designed and manufactured in the UK exclusively
     by Totally
Wicked Engineering LTD
   • High quality performance with exceptional vapor
   • All products come with a phenomenal 5 year

 Original Odyssey
 Odyssey VV
 Odyssey Pipe

Kits from


e-lectron-series-kits    • Revolutionary C2/C3 atomizers optimized for variable voltage vaping

   • ‘Single System’ seamless design
   • Variable wattage output and variable air flow

e-lectron C3 Mega

Kits from 


Tornado-series    • The electronic cigarette series that broke the
     mould and set the standard for electronic cigarettes
   • Available in three different models with numerous
     accessories and upgrades
   • All kits use the reliable C type atomizer
 Tornado eGo-C+
 Tornado eGo-C Classic
 Tornado eGo-C Slim

Kits from 


VV-devices    • Experience new sensations with even more control
     of your vaping standard for electronic cigarettes
   • Variable voltage up to 6.0V
   • Available in variable voltage and variable wattage
  The ONE

Kits from 


variable-temperature-devices    • An extra level of control over your vaping experience.
   • Variable temperature using either Nickel or Titanium coils.
   • The ability to use variable wattage to give a wide range of choice.
   • Wide range of devices so there is something for everyone.

 Kits from


e-pipe-II-ecigarette    • Masterfully crafted wooden bowl
   • Designed on the reliability of the eGo-C electronic cigarette
   • Fun and fully functional e-cig alternative
   • Automatic activation 3.7V 900mAh battery



Kits from 



   • TECC is our sister company with the principal aim
to offer a range of products to suit every kind
     of vaper
   • All kits come with everthing you need to vape out
     of the box
   • Featuring subtle branding and sleek design

 Go e-cig

Kits from





New to electronic cigarette kits? Visit our New User section here for more information on e-cigs and e-liquid.


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