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British engineering at its very best. Admire the craftsmanship, feel the quality, enjoy the experience!

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The Odyssey™ was introduced in July 2012 and was the first UK designed and manufactured electronic cigarette. It set a new standard of engineering excellence and changed people’s perception of how a premier electronic cigarette should look, feel and operate. From this beginning, at Totally Wicked we have continued to invest in the range of products we exclusively offer.


Totally Wicked Engineering Ltd was founded in summer 2013 to provide our business with the ability to design, engineer and manufacture a unique range of electronic cigarette products in the UK.  We have invested in state of the art engineering design and production facilities, located in Lancashire, which have enabled our business to take full control over every aspect of our product delivery from concept to production assembly and testing.



Our aim is to build a portfolio of products that are all delivered using the same basic but demanding requirements.  We set ourselves the following benchmark:

  • To design unique products that take a leadership design position.

  • To design and manufacture products that provide the user with unique performance characteristics.

  • Create a range of products that support a ‘system of systems’ design philosophy. This will allow for the maximum interchangeably within the Odyssey and wider Totally Wicked Originals range and ‘personalisation’ of customers’ experience.

  • Include engineering excellence in all design and products; never for its own sake but to deliver performance and product robustness that reflects the engineering excellence applied.

  • Offer through our customer support and product warranty absolute confidence in every customers’ investment in one of our ‘Original’ products.

 At the end of 2013, we re-released our original Odyssey™ electronic cigarette with a range of engineering and performance refinements.  Many of these refinements will be invisible to all but the most discerning eye and tactile touch, but they were known to our engineering team and therefore we have taken steps to hone further this uniquely designed product.  We have also introduced a ground-breaking new atomizer concept that allows for the retention of the Odyssey™ cartomizer tube but uses a TW international Patent Pending design that introduces a dedicated Odyssey Replacement Coil System (RCS) atomizer unit. 

We are planning a number of new products in 2014. The first of which is our Odyssey™ Variable Voltage system, which has been over a year in design and refinement and we believe again sets a new datum for electronic vaporizers.  Many more products are in the various stages of production preparation and will be available progressively across 2014. All these devices will have the look, feel and performance that define them as a TW Engineering product.  From the reassuring tactile designs and elegance of shapes to subtlety of curve, every design feature is carefully considered and exactly reproduced in the finished parts.  We know you are going to love and cherish them.


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