WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

10ml Titan E-liquid

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Our Titan range of fluid has been available since 2009. In these early days, there was very little e-liquid available outside of pre-filled cartomizers and cartridges. However, the Totally Wicked ‘Titan’ e-cig provided in its kit a 10ml bottle of fluid. Such was the positive feedback from our customers on the menthol and tobacco e-liquids provided in this kit, we decided to make the fluid available on general sale and also build the range to which it is today.

If you do not see your favorite Titan flavor, please check out our Liquidation page here

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American Red Tobacco - A smooth blended tobacco with natural tobacco notes, slightly spicy and well rounded.

Old English Tobacco - A nice dark tobacco taste, smooth, with a pleasant mild dried fruit taste and quite smoky on the exhale.

Apple - A crisp green apple, sweet and juicy but not too tart.

Raspberry - A fresh raspberry tart, but without the little seeds to get stuck in your teeth.

Blended Virginia - A smooth tobacco blend with notes of dark chocolate and caramel.

Red Cow - Amazingly tangy twists that may as well give you wings.

Cherry - Fresh ripe red cherries bursting with that sweet cherry taste.

RY3 - A zesty tobacco with a hint of caramel on the exhale.

Cinnamon - Warm crisp, sweet and savory like a hot fresh cinnamon bun.

RY4 - Sweet caramel expertly blended with a hint of tobacco to give a smooth finish.

Double Mint - Double the mint, double the taste, like double mint chewing gum.

Strawberry - The sweetest strawberries on a fine summers day.

Heavy Cigar - A sweet aromatic cigar taste with some earty notes to roll around your mouth.

Tobacco - A very smooth earthy, nutty blend with light coffee notes.

Honeydew Melon - Sweet succulent melon that will make your mouth water.

Vanilla - Sweetened vanilla pods expertly blended for a sweet smooth vape.

Ice Menthol - Icy cold menthol like an extra strong mint on a winter's morning.

Virginia - A bold American inspired blend of golden tobacco flavors.

Menthol - Smooth, mellow, fresh and minty, what more could you ask for in a menthol?

Watermelon - Sweet succulent red fleshed watery melon, without those annoying black seeds.

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