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20ml Gold Standard Concentrate

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All the flavors are produced in the UK and we use current Good Manufacturing Practises to ensure you of quality and consistency. We believe the Gold Standard to be the best quality vaping flavor concentrates on the market, and with flavors unique to TW, you won't find these anywhere else.

  • Absinthe - Cool and refreshing, sweet yet complex just like the drink.
  • American Red Tobacco - The cowboy’s classic tobacco flavor, silky, creamy tobacco with a hint of caramel. Complete with a smooth and distinct finish.
  • Aniseed - Sweet and powerful, reminiscent of those little red balls with black dots on them.
  • Banana - The sweet tasty banana flavor for those fans of the fresh fruit.
  • Biscuit - A crumbly, sweet biscuit that is the perfect base for your dessert vapes.
  • Black Magic - The taste of rich coffee, superior tobacco and dark chocolate swirled together.
  • Blackberry - The taste of summer blackberries, plump and sweet straight from the hedgerow.
  • Blackcurrant - Succulent blackcurrants with a sweet and powerful aroma.
  • Blackcurrant Menthol - Juicy ripe hedgerow blackcurrants melded with refreshing minty menthol.
  • Blak Jak - Sweet liquorice and aniseed combined to taste just like the classic sweet.
  • Blue Hawaiian - Don't be blue with this classic coconut, blue curacao and pineapple cocktail.
  • Blueberry - Sweet, floral, fragrant, juicy blueberries...blumin' fantastic.
  • Bubblegum - A sweet bubblegum flavor straight from a pick ‘n’ mix.
  • Butterscotch - A creamy, buttery caramel taste just like the originals.
  • Caramel - This caramel is incredibly sweet and nutty with a warm, buttery after-taste.
  • Cherry - Beautiful red, ripe, succulent cherries, not too sweet like the real fruit and not the artificial taste.
  • Cherry Cheroot - Black, ripe cherries with notes of rich tobacco, reminiscent of old dark cheroot cigars.
  • Cherry Menthol - Crisp, fresh menthol with a delicate hint of ripe red cherries, a fruity and minty taste.
  • Chocolate - A dark chocolate indulgence.
  • Cigar - Reminiscent of a slim panatela, woody and lightly spiced with a mellow exhale.
  • Classic Tobacco - Classic tobacco taste, clean and crisp with a slight peppery note.
  • Coconut - Creamy coconut, fresh from the shell and mixed with coconut milk.
  • Cola - Reminiscent of the popular cold drink, our Cola flavor is great by itself or as a base for some great cocktails.
  • Columbia Coffee - Dark, rich coffee beans, freshly ground with a slightly floral undertone that adds to the intense coffee taste.
  • Cranberry - Sweet and tart, this cranberry flavor is great for vaping all day.
  • Forest Fruit - A myriad of berries blended together in a true taste of summer.
  • Fruity Gum - A gum packed full of delicious fruity flavors.
  • Golden Tobacco - Crisp, lightly golden tobacco, slightly spicy.
  • Grape - Sweet, ripe, green grapes picked fresh from the vine.
  • Green Apple - The sharp crunch of a tangy, slightly tart, fresh green apple.
  • Hazelnut - Nutty with a mellow lingering sweet taste.
  • Ice Menthol - An ice cool, refreshing, minty vape with light spearmint notes.
  • Iron Brewed - An orange tangy mix, the classic Scottish delight.
  • Kiwi - A staff favorite, the fresh green taste of Kiwi.
  • Lemon & Lime - Fresh citrus fruits melded together into a lemony and limey vape.
  • Lime - The perfect blend of sweet and sour, lime is perfect for those looking for a strong flavor with a kick.
  • Lychee - Strong yet well rounded, lychee is fruity and exotic.
  • Mandarin - A fresh, orangey citrus vape with plenty of flavor.
  • Mango - A sweet, succulent, juicy mango flavor.
  • Marmalade - The classic English orange marmalade including the tasty "bits"
  • Marshmallow - Fluffy, sweet, melt in the mouth marshmallows.
  • Menthol - Minty menthol as it should be, cool and refreshing.
  • Mild Cigar - Smooth tobacco tastes with hints of liquorice, caramel and a nicely balanced spice.
  • Mixed Fruit - Just like the old sweets, this fruity fizzy sweet vape goes well with Black Jack.
  • Mocha - A dark chocolate coffee, to give you a rich intense taste.
  • Passion Fruit - The intense sweet and sour taste of passion fruit that feels velvety on the tongue.
  • Peach Schnapps - A strong, peachy vape, just like the popular drink.
  • Pecan Pie - Pecan pie, the American classic mix of pecans and sweet cream.
  • Pina Colada - Better than dancing in the rain, this delicious mixture of rum and coconut is a flavorful vape.
  • Pineapple - Sweet pineapple straight off the fruit stall and into the bottle.
  • Punch - That classic ballroom drink, fruity and refreshing.
  • Raspberry - A real fresh raspberry, tart but without the little seeds to get stuck in your teeth.
  • Real Tabs - The full taste of an analogue cigarette, complete with ash and burnt tobacco.
  • Red Apple - More of a Pink Lady than a Granny Smith, this light, sweet apple has subtle, slightly fizzy notes.
  • Retro: Cherry Cola - Dark, sweet cherries and the unmistakable taste of cola, it even has a little fizz.
  • Retro: Mint Humbug - Creamy toffee stripes with minty overtones - a combination to form the classic sweet.
  • Retro: Pear Drop - A uniquely distinct flavor of sour pear and sweet banana in a true testament to the original.
  • Retro: Purple Violets - Subtle perfumed violet taste with none of the chalkiness that the original had.
  • Retro: Refreshing Love - Fizzy, sweet, fruity hearts filled with love, a favorite amongst love struck teenagers.
  • Retro: Rhubarb and Custard - Sweet creamy custard with sharp, tangy rhubarb combined to recreate this classic, tasty treat.
  • Retro: Sherbet Lemon - Tangy, zesty lemons and sweet, fizzy sherbet, you can really feel the fizz on the inhale.
  • Rich Pipe - Rich, dark tobacco with hunts of dried plum and black treacle.
  • Rum - A spiced rum flavor that will have you reaching for more.
  • Sex on the Beach - The cocktail classic made with peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice.
  • Spearmint - Exactly like the popular chewing gum, cool and refreshing.
  • Starfruit - A fusion of apple and pear to make a pleasant, fruity vape.
  • Statex - Peppery tobacco with a nutty edge for those with continental tobacco tastes.
  • Strawberry - A true strawberry flavor, fresh and juicy, picked straight from the field.
  • Strawberry Shortcake - Buttery pastry and fresh, sweet strawberries to make a fantastic, tasty tart.
  • Sweet Cinnamon - Sweet and hot cinnamon that is perfectly blended to be an all-day vape.
  • Tobacco - A rounded, balanced tobacco with light, earthy notes and the slightest hint of caramel.
  • Tobacco Menthol - Clean, crisp menthol underpinned with the warmth of a mellow tobacco.
  • Tropical Tobacco - A well-rounded tobacco base with a wonderfully fruity top note.
  • Tutti Frutti - A subtle taste this is unique, creamy, sweet and very vanilla.
  • Vanilla - A subtle taste this is unique, creamy, sweet and very vanilla.
  • Watermelon - The mild succulent sweet red flesh of a sun-ripened watermelon.
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