WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

30ml EXPEDITION Optimized VG E-liquid

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Your search is finally over. Totally Wicked proudly brings you EXPEDITION; the optimized VG e-liquid.

Totally Wicked has always been a Pioneer within the Vaping Community being one of the original companies in the USA. Every vaper once took that first step into the unknown as they began their vaping journey. The TW EXPEDITION range brings you twelve amazing flavors, all of which take their inspiration from intrepid adventurers and their quest to be the best, to be the first, to be the Pioneer.

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AMAZON - We won't sell you down the river with this adventurous trio of strawberry, custard and coconut. LEWIS AND CLARK - No need to cross uncharted land to discover this all American favorite. The classic jelly donut taste, a guilt free vaping treat.
ATLANTIS - Dive right in to this ocean of flavor. Nothing mythical about this combo of blueberry, cherry, lemon and our secret fourth ingredient. MAGELLAN - After a long and arduous journey, we bring you this perfect apple fritter flavor.
CAP'N JTK - Sweet and fruity with oatie biscuits on the starboard bow, "It's a vape Jim, but not as we know it!" MARCO POLO - We travelled East to West and back again to find the fruity loopy juice that beats the rest.
COLUMBUS - A "New world" of vaping, indulge in a peppermint mocha latte with this wickedly delicious e-liquid blend. MAYFLOWER - This fruity rainbow of delights with lemon, lime, orange, strawberry and blueberry is like discovering vaping anew.
EARHART - Fly to the very heart of vaping perfection in a fluffy cloud of cotton candy. SAHARA - An amazing cinnamon rush that is oh so HOT and oh so TASTY!!
EVEREST - Conquer a mountainous pile of fresh buttermilk pancakes, topped to perfection with maple syrup. SPUTNIK - An out of this world combination of blueberries, honey and mint. Fresh and sweet, with a cleansing aftertaste.
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