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Advanced Vaping Help and Support

VV/VW - Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage

Variable Voltage

Refers to electromotive force being pushed through the atomizer. That sounds scary but it is not, it is actually incredibly simple. Think of this as a manual car, when you put an atomizer onto a device and use variable voltage you will need to adjust the voltage yourself depending on what resistance atomizer coil you have. Too little and it won't heat up quick enough and you will struggle to produce any vapor. Too much and you run the risk of prematurely burning out your atomizer head. As long as you know what resistance your atomizer coil is, and the preferred voltage you can just adjust your settings and vape.

Just remember, if you change your atomizer coil to a different resistance the settings will need adjusting each time.

variable voltage vaping

Variable Wattage

Refers to the power produced by the electromotive force. Once again this sounds extremely technical. Think of this as an automatic car. Whatever wattage you set your device to it will give you that wattage by automatically adjusting the voltage for you. For example, if you set it to 10 watts, no matter what resistance atomizer coil you have in your tank, it will give you 10 watts by adjusting the voltage for you.

Nice and easy, you technically don't need to adjust this every time you change your atomizer coil or swap tanks, find a wattage you like and stay there. Although as with everything in vaping there are some exceptions to the rules.

Variable temperature atomizer usage

VT - Variable Temperature

VT Control System adds another level of regulation allowing for a completely tailored vaping experience.

Using specifically designed coils you are able to set a target temperature on your VT device in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Your atomizer coil is rapidly heated to your selected temperature, and by continuously monitoring the change in coil resistance which is caused by temperature change, the power applied to the coil is varied to keep your temperature constant. Previously the lack of temperature control meant that coils could surpass their preferred heat limit and fire much hotter than is ideal, with VT vaping the risk of this is drastically reduced.

Your selected temperature is reached in a fraction of a second meaning that full vapor, flavour and nicotine 'hit' are delivered instantly and are much more intense from the beginning of the draw. No flavour degradation from having to take long, slow draws. In fact, you can draw as hard or as gently as you want and the temperature control ensures the vapor is being evaporated from a coil close to your set temperature, so the flavour stays the same.

In a nutshell – None VT vaping tends to have its best part in the middle of a vape, whereas VT vaping extends this 'golden period' to make the whole experience the best bit.

Building your own coils

Coil BuildingBuilding your own coils used to be a frustrating experience, using small drill bits to wind your coils, guessing the resistance and having a hot spot that you just cannot get rid of. Now with the fast advancement in the world of vaping and new tools being brought to the market, coil building is a delightfully rewarding experience. It is as simple as using resistance wire, winding it into shape to achieve you desired resistance. It really is as easy as that, complete control over how your device vapes, money saving and fun at the same time.

Even if you don’t fancy having a go at building your own, there are ways to benefit from coil building without the hassle, simply take advantage of our pre-built coils, all the money saving benefits and just a quick installation process.

Cloud Chasing

Cloud ChasingCloud chasing is a term you might have heard used hand in hand with vaping and some people are completely stumped as to what it actually is. In the vaping world everyone has a different preference regarding what they want to get out of their experience. For some people its throat hit and a strong feeling of having had a cigarette, for others its huge amounts of wonderful flavor and then there are cloud chasers.

Cloud chasers want gargantuan clouds of thick vapor, they love nothing more than exhaling these clouds and that is what they want from their vaping experience.

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