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E-cigarette battery technology is ever changing and evolving. In our battery section you will find the latest cutting edge technology, alongside some old favourites, ensuring that no matter what your power requirements you are catered for. Huge battery capacities for hours of vaping, sleek and discreet pen style batteries, removable batteries for your ‘mods’ and the latest variable temperature technology are all available here, so dive right in and see what your next favourite e-cigarette battery will be. Stuck on what to choose? Why not visit our forum and ask some veteran vapers for advice. 

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E-cigarette chargers are essential for keeping you vaping all day. All of our chargers are the highest quality and come supplied with a 12-month warranty against manufacturer's faults, so you can charge with complete confidence. Can't find a charger for your battery? Call our customer services team on: 1-888-761-9425 who will be able to guide you through our charger section and will get you fully charged and vaping in no time.

Our chargers come with 12 months warranty
Our Largest battery is 5000mah


All our chargers come with a 12month warranty. 

Your battery is the key component in your e-cig, so ensuring you always have power to your atomizer, is a basic for all vapers. You need the right quality battery and equally as important is a matched, safe and reliable charger. We have a selection of USB chargers and plug adaptors in our chargers section, which are all backed by a 12-month warranty and designed specifically to charge our batteries safely!

We provide a battery safety guide with each purchase.

You can be assured that all our batteries are the highest quality, backed by warranties and designed with your safety as our paramount responsibility. We provide you with a battery safety guide with each purchase to keep you on the right track and vaping safe. We also have a whole selection of silicone sleeves and carry cases to keep you safe, see our Vaping accessories section. The latest variable temperature technology, e-cig batteries for sub-ohm vaping and removable batteries for your mechanical and box ‘mods’ are just a click away.

Have a look in our batteries section and don’t forget a charger. While you’re there make sure to have a peek at our battery safety guide for tips on how to vape safe. 

View the battery safety guide