WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Totally Wicked’s Guarantee of E-liquid Excellence

Know what you're buying

With an ever-expanding e-liquid industry, and an ever-expanding body of knowledge regarding e-liquids, it is vitally important to understand exactly what you are buying.

To this end we offer a guarantee of e-liquid excellence for our customers. Our guarantee is not only our promise to you that we will always do over and above what is required of us, to ensure the best quality e-liquids, it is also a reassurance for you, enabling you to understand fully exactly how we manufacture our e-liquids, and the safeguards we have put into place.

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All our 'Made in UK' ranges, are made by Totally Wicked in our own facility. We know with full traceability where all our ingredients come from; they are all made to GMP standards (good manufacturing practice) and all are sourced from within the UK. We were one of the very first companies to use and continue to use pharmaceutical grade diluents and nicotine, and all our flavorings are GRAS - (generally recognized as safe) food grade. The flavor concentrates we use have also been screened for inhalation suitability.

Our Titan, Patriot Range and Expedition, produced by our partners, are also assured and tested to similar standards. We source our fluid from suppliers only where we have assured ourselves that we are content with the safety and quality they provide. We build long-term relationships, and we demand and assure both quality and consistency by working closely with all our suppliers. Indeed, we take the responsibility for the nicotine quality as seriously as having our UK Pharmaceutical grade nicotine shipped to the USA for inclusion in our exclusive Patriot Range and Expedition.

Our e-liquids have been independently tested by SkyLab-Med Laboratories based in Athens, where they were tested under a regime specified by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, one of the world’s most eminent e-cigarette researchers. We believe we are the only e-liquid manufacturer and supplier that has undertaken such a test and validation regime under the direction and facility support of such a leading academic. Our fluids were tested using GC-MS and GC-FID techniques to assure us that the processes and procedures are fit for purpose and assure the quality and safety of our end consumer products.

  • Our e-liquids are made in a clean room facility, using highly precise metering of quantities and effective quality systems.
  • All batches are carefully sampled and recorded, with the bottles marked to enable recall or withdrawal should any issue ever be detected.
  • We ensure we provide all the correct and required information and that the bottles comply with childproof ISO and CLP standards.

Our manufacturing standards, specifications and test regimes are constantly reviewed as research data drives the industry standards to higher levels, and we will be at the forefront of this.

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