WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Electronic Cigarettes

If you are still thinking about making the switch to vaping and need a little bit of guidance, or are new to Totally Wicked and want to know why to choose us, read on.

If you want to take a look through a selection of our best e-cigarette kits then click here.

If you are still sat on the fence about what making the switch to vaping will do for you, read below for some quick facts that might help you make up your mind:
Electronic cigarettes

Starter Kits

Perfect for those who are brand new to vaping and want to quit smoking.

We offer a huge variety of styles.

With each kit carefully designed to meet specific needs, but each one easy to use and with exceptional performance, we will have a starter kit for every new vaper.

All our kits are easy to use, even easier to maintain and come with everything you need to get started, including a 10ml bottle of UK produced and manufactured e-liquid.

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E-cig Kits

We are very proud of our unique range of vaping kits, each carefully designed to meet the broadest range of user requirements and expectations.

The kits in this section are all perfect for regular vapers or those who want to take their vaping experience up a notch. More power, more battery life and more versatility are core themes.

Looking for a ‘box mod’ or more control over your personalised vaping experience; including temperature control and sub-ohm vaping, then you will find kits to meet your needs.

Remember, if you spend over $40 you will grab an EXTRA 10ml bottle of USA produced Patriot Range e-liquid, If the order is over $75 you get free USPS standard shipping.

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We have over 40 different vaping devices.

A huge choice makes sure that everyone will find an e-cig that suits them and makes the switch to vaping easier.

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Saving money with e-cigarettes...

and we aren't talking about a small amount of money here, it can be up to $3300.00 a year, sometimes more. Is this the most important aspect of vaping, no, but it's a nice sweetener isn't it?

Open cigarette packet illustration

Vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Don’t just trust us, this is the latest conservative estimate from Public Health England, of the relative safety of vaping when compared to smoking. This means in simple terms that vaping is at least 20 times safer than tobacco smoking!

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E-cigarettes have a great community.

E-cigs are social. We have a huge online community. Our social media is always buzzing with talk about vaping and e-cigs and we love talking to fellow vapers. 

E-cigarettes under $50?

As with most things you buy price ranges can vary.

We have a great selection of e-cigs for under $50 including those that we believe are so good and will be around for some time, that we have put our name to them.

You can trust Totally Wicked to provide the best quality vaping products regardless of budget.

AIO ecig
ARC 4 ecig
Resolve 2 ecig
Switz 2 ecig

So you have decided to make the switch, but why choose Totally Wicked?

Vapers have trusted us since 2008. We are one of the first electronic cigarette companies in the USA and the first to bring e-cigs to the high street and the online space.

We wanted to make vaping accessible to everyone and to provide our customers with only the best vaping products on the market and our unique values and customer service.

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No clones!

Our e-cigarettes are genuine. The products we sell are only the best. We put our products through a rigorous testing regime and when we are happy that an e-cig meets our strict guidelines we are then happy to put our name on it. When you buy a Totally Wicked e-cig you are buying the best electronic cigarettes on the market.

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Guarantee of E-liquid Excellence.

We provide vapers with only the highest quality e-liquid. At Totally Wicked, our e-liquid is backed by our guarantee of e-liquid excellence. This means when you vape our e-liquid, you are assured that it has been fully tested and is only the best e-liquid. We have a range, flavor and strength to suit all vapers, including the ever popular TW produced and manufactured Red Label range.

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The Totally Wicked Community.

We are a community! Can there really, honestly now, be such thing as a Totally Wicked community? We believe there is. We are a very open company that stands by its customers, supports vapers’ rights whenever threatened and will always understand that we are only here to service our customers’ needs and high expectations. We promise to never stop striving to do this and have some fun while we do.

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