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  1. What's the most popular quit aid and more..

    A look at this weeks mixed bag of vaping news. 

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  2. A 600% growth for JUUL in the last year, and the FDA and CDC are implying that it’s all down to teenagers.

    Is the rise of JUUL all because of youth vaping?

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  3. Why have we not seen the data on teen vaping?

    Claims about teen vaping do not seem to be supported by real facts. Read our blog as we search for the truth about the so called "teen vaping epidemic".

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  4. The experts wade in on the teen ‘epidemic’

    The FDA states that we are in the midst of a youth vaping epidemic...but are we really? 

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  5. 60 days until we know the future of vaping?

    The latest Press Release from the FDA issues a stark warning to vaping companies. Kids will be kept off the on ramp (road to tobacco use) even if that means adults having a shorter off ramp (road off tobacco).  

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  6. Smoke free in 6 months, is it possible?

    Can you be totally smoke free in 6 months? Find out in our latest blog. 

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  7. Vaping bots having heart attacks?

    Bots tweeting about vaping and very poor studies on dual use. Just another week in the world of vaping fake news. 

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  8. Why do they get it, but we don’t?

    The UK and the USA's treatment of vaping is so different, it is like they are on different planets.   

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  9. Guess Which Flavor Wins?

    The results of the latest and biggest flavor survey are in. Are there any surprises? 

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  10. Is Vaping using Big Tobacco’s Playbook?

    Is the vaping industry using the old familiar tactics of Big Tobacco? We argue, NO, not at all.  

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