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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  1. Is the FDA readying for a fall campaign, but with the wrong data?

    If Vape shops can't and don't sell to minors, how can legitimate vape information on youth useage and flavor be obtained?  

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  2. Quit smoking, or we’ll take $600 bucks away from you?

    $600 is a lot of money to most people. Would it be the incentive that finally got some people to quit? 

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  3. E-Juice That Tastes Like?....

    When you first make the switch, and even when you have and consider yourself a vaper NOT a smoker, finding that go to flavor, the one that tastes like..... can be difficult. Here are a few tips to set you on the right path.  

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  4. Does The FDA Have A Point?

    Child friendly packaging. The FDA hates it, are they right to do so? 

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  5. "All Disease Begins In The Gut"

    New study investigates tobacco smoke and electronic cigarette vapors affect on gut and oral bacteria. The results are very positive. 

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  6. Creating A Crisis Out Of Thin Air To Get What You Want

    Manipulation, hidden agendas and protectionism, the Juul "Epidemic" smacks of all three.

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  7. 3.3 Million Lives Saved If Vaping Is Allowed to Continue

    3.3 Million lives, that's a lot, right? We are also not talking about hundred of years in the future, it's in your kid's and grandchildren's lifetime. This is important!!  

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  8. Tin Foil Hats, Or The FDA Playing A Long Game?

    We have lawsuits, changes in direction, lies and half truths, oh and of course the possibilty of over the counter drug classification for electronic cigarettes. 

    Put on your tin foil hats and read our blog. 

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  9. US modelling study on E-cigs slammed by Public Health experts

    The same data is available to all. The UK choses to embrace harm reduction, the US chooses to demonize vaping and put "the kids" ahead of mature, adult smokers who need help.  

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  10. A Man Walks Into A Vape Store With $100


    You have been vaping for a month or so, don't use cigarettes any longer and think you might like a bigger, better e-cig. What is the next move? 

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