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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  1. Can you tell a lie from a truth?

    So many vaping lies, so much misinfomation. How can we possibly tell the tell the truth through all the noise? 

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  2. E-cigarettes - Do they or don't they help you quit?

    Can we really trust research which goes against everything we know to be true?  

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  3. Will e-cigarettes become part of the trade war?

    Why would e-cigarettes be included in Trump's trade war with China? 

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  4. Has Tobacco Free Kids been framed?

    The FDA flavors in vape juice public consultation pages was spammed with over 250,000 anti vaping fake comments. The question is, who did it? 

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  5. DIY Vape Juice, Is It Cheaper?

    Mixing your own vape juice can be cost effective and fun, but it is also a learning curve. Find out more in our latest blog.  

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  6. You Are An Anecdote

    The FDA want to take away flavors. The believe that vapers' using flavors to help them quit is simply anecdotal and nothing else. Time is running out to prove otherwise, vapers' need to take action now.   

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