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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  1. Phillip Morris launches stop smoking campaign in the UK and other news

    Vaping parody on south Park, more from the FDA, news from California and are the makers of Marlboro finding a conscience? All the latest vaping news

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  2. Teeth, Public Perception, Secret Ingredients and Smoking Cessation

    This weeks vaping news is a curious mixture of the bizarre, the public's thoughts on vaping, teeth and of course the old chestunt that is JUUL. 

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  3. What's the most popular quit aid and more..

    A look at this weeks mixed bag of vaping news. 

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  4. A 600% growth for JUUL in the last year, FDA and CDC imply that it’s all down to Teenagers

    Is the rise of JUUL all because of youth vaping?

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  5. Why have we not seen the data on teen vaping?

    Claims about teen vaping do not seem to be supported by real facts. Read our blog as we search for the truth about the so called "teen vaping epidemic".

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