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Vaping News

  1. 60 days until we know the future of vaping?

    The latest Press Release from the FDA issues a stark warning to vaping companies. Kids will be kept off the on ramp (road to tobacco use) even if that means adults having a shorter off ramp (road off tobacco).  

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  2. Smoke free in 6 months, is it possible?

    Can you be totally smoke free in 6 months? Find out in our latest blog. 

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  3. Vaping bots having heart attacks?

    Bots tweeting about vaping and very poor studies on dual use. Just another week in the world of vaping fake news. 

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  4. Why do they get it, but we don’t?

    The UK and the USA's treatment of vaping is so different, it is like they are on different planets.   

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  5. Guess Which Flavor Wins?

    The results of the latest and biggest flavor survey are in. Are there any surprises? 

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  6. Is Vaping using Big Tobacco’s Playbook?

    Is the vaping industry using the old familiar tactics of Big Tobacco? We argue, NO, not at all.  

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  7. Law Firm Sees A Pot Of Gold From Vaping

    Law Firm sees payout in underage vaping. 

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  8. Can you tell a lie from a truth?

    So many vaping lies, so much misinfomation. How can we possibly tell the tell the truth through all the noise? 

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  9. E-cigarettes - Do they or don't they help you quit?

    Can we really trust research which goes against everything we know to be true?  

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  10. Will e-cigarettes become part of the trade war?

    Why would e-cigarettes be included in Trump's trade war with China? 

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