Vaping in General

  1. DIY Vape Juice, Is It Cheaper?

    Mixing your own vape juice can be cost effective and fun, but it is also a learning curve. Find out more in our latest blog.  

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  2. Do your flavors contain, nuts, alcohol or sugar?

    We get asked many questions by our customers, allergens in vape juice is a very common one. In this blog we attempt to answer it.  

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  3. Is it the size or the salts?

    Are nicotine salts really understood by parents worrying about their kids vaping? 

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  4. E-Juice That Tastes Like?....

    When you first make the switch, and even when you have and consider yourself a vaper NOT a smoker, finding that go to flavor, the one that tastes like..... can be difficult. Here are a few tips to set you on the right path.  

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  5. A Man Walks Into A Vape Store With $100


    You have been vaping for a month or so, don't use cigarettes any longer and think you might like a bigger, better e-cig. What is the next move? 

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