Short answer is yes! It can be, and it can work out to cost about $2 per 30mls.


Before you launch into DIY e-juice recipes and turn your kitchen into a little e-liquid production line… you must be aware of the following!

Issues with DIY.

DIY needs an initial investment, it needs time, it needs patience, and it needs a willingness to be disappointed with what you make. No matter how amazing you think your culinary or mixology skills are, when you start out – you will make some interesting mistakes. There will be a steep learning curve. You might not be able to make a fantastic juice straight out of the box. Be prepared for this, but also be prepared for plenty of help on the forums. Don’t be frightened of asking the experts! You’ll need equipment. Many people state you should buy lab equipment, but whatever you use, it needs to be safe for handling nicotine, and you need to be able to measure accurately with it. The Safety aspect. We can’t emphasis this enough. You’ll need gloves, goggles, and keep what you are doing well away from children and pets and be able to effectively clean up any spillage safely and store your equipment safely. If you are going to mix your own – safety, safety, safety needs to be your new mantra.


These can put people off, but there are so many online calculators that help with sorting out the percentages of nicotine, VG, PG and flavors, that this really shouldn’t be a problem in 2018.


This initial set up can cost you up to $100, depending upon what type of DIY e-liquid supplies you buy. Some companies sell ready-made DIY kits, where you choose your level of nicotine, your bases and flavors, and they ship this out to you – including mixing bottles and pipettes.Some companies merely sell you the basics, in bulk sizes. As such, when it comes to cost, we suggest you work out your budget, decide how determined you are to do this, how much you can afford to waste on the flavors that don’t work out well, and decide from there which is the best option for you. Again, don’t be frightened to hit the forums and ask how others started, what they bought – ask them what mistakes they made – what they wish they knew when they started out.

Can you compare DIY with ready bought?

Ready bought, or pre mixed juice as it is often called, is all done for you. You know what you are getting, there is no fiddling around, it’s a case of click and buy. DIY is far more involved, so really, it’s down to you and your desires – is the cost of ready-made a price worth paying for ease and someone else doing the work, plus reliability with the flavor? Or do you want the satisfaction and cost saving of doing it all yourself, plus the pleasant surprises of inventing new flavors?

Those that do make their own and love it wouldn’t have it any other way. DIY’ing and getting involved in this aspect of the community is fun. You make new online friends, you can collaborate, you discuss, you basically geek out on the entire experience, and why not, if you have the time and inclination?

If you take the plunge or have already taken it…. Let us know your best flavor to date!