Finding that elusive flavor that tastes like....

If you’re new to vaping, or thinking about making the switch, you probably want something similar to your regular brand. You might have been looking for an e-liquid that tastes like your cigarettes, but are not sure how to go about it, or even if you should?

Is it necessary to find an e-liquid that tastes like your brand?

When starting out, the answer is usually yes, it helps.


Two reasons: 

  •  Familiarity.
  •  Because you have no taste buds! (Well, you do, they simply don’t work that well). 

Knowing that your vape will taste similar to your old brand can help you make that initial switch. It can help vaping feel a little less daunting.

A familiar flavor might also be enough to keep you going.

Changing habits is not always easy. Finding little hacks like this, that help keep us all going are often worth their weight in gold.

How do you go about finding that flavor? 

  • Do a flavor search on the forums, good old google or reddit for the brand you are looking for. 
  • Ask other vapers or ask instore.

Once you get your answer and have narrowed down your options, (be prepared for a few suggestions!) try at least 2-3 e-liquids that people state are most like your brand.

Don’t go out and buy them before trying them first!

We know it is exciting to find what you have been looking for, but trying before you buy can save time, tears and  hard earned money. Under FDA regulations free testing is a contentious issue, free sample are not allowed, you may be charged a nominal testing fee, say 10c, but this is refunded against any purchase made. 

Taste is subjective. As they say, “one man’s champagne is another man’s vinegar!”

Just because Joey Vape McVape-Face says bluedogmegajuicetoomuchcloud is like your brand, it might not be to you.

What if you can’t find your brand in e-liquid flavor?

At the start of your journey you will probably be drawn to a tobacco flavor or two. This is natural as it is a known quantity.  However, you can reassure yourself that even had you found your brand, it might not taste exactly like your brand, and this is actually the point....

You are switching for a reason.

Vaping is not smoking.

If you can’t find an e-liquid that is the same, then there are a few tips that can help with the switch.

First and foremost - do not go extreme!

Going from your brand to strawberry cream with blueberry muffins may be too much of a reach. Try instead an e-liquid with a bitter flavor added, or, perhaps a tobacco flavor with a hint of coffee or mint.

This is not too far from what you used to smoke (tobacco), shouldn’t feel too weird, as you already ‘know’ the flavors (coffee and/or menthol). It will be different, but not too different to help you change your habits.

Once you are accustomed to vaping and your taste buds come back to life, that’s when you might want to try new flavors.

Of course, we won’t stop you if you want to experiment from the outset, but you are reading this post for a reason. It is often best to wait on the daring e-liquid purchases until the taste buds re-emerge, then you won’t waste money on something that tastes OK with half dead taste buds but is screaming off the charts once they have recovered from their daily roasting’s with combustibles!

To recap:   

  • Try before you buy. (We would suggest you do this at pretty much any stage of your vaping journey. There is nothing worse than blowing $5 plus on an e-liquid that makes you gag.) 
  • When starting out, go for something that is close to your brand if you can find it.
  • If you can’t, try a tobacco with an added flavor.
  • Don’t go mad and buy half a dozen flavors when starting.
  • Get used to vaping, make sure it is for you, then explore…


When those taste buds wake up....  you are in for a wonderful surprise. That’s the time to explore new and maybe even unusual flavors.

That’s the time to go on a little spending spree and indulge in flavors you never thought imaginable!