Can you guess the most popular flavors used by vapers?

New research has discovered that those of us that exclusively vape, prefer the fruity, sweet dessert flavors.

Dr Farsalinos, a scientist, vaper and vaping advocate, teamed up with scientists in the UK, and together organized a shared Geek/UK study, that looked into the flavor preferences of Americans. How about that for international co-operation? (We are under the impression that no tariffs were involved.)

An online questionnaire was used to gather the information, 69’233 responses were in the final tally, with fruit and dessert flavors coming out on top.

72.4% of the respondents were male, with an average age of 35.

95% had tried cigarettes before, with 80% considered former smokers. Just over 68% of those that responded had quit tobacco for over a year.

Only 7.7% of those exclusively vaping prefer the tobacco flavors.

The research was done so that the information could be submitted to the FDA with ease. Dr Farsalinos and crew even went so far as to use FDA compliant software. The results at time of writing have been submitted to the FDA website, but as we mentioned in an earlier post, the FDA website has been spammed by bots – and verifying each submission regarding e-liquid flavors is now taking a very long time.

But, Dr Farsalinos has said the research will be fully published in an academic journal, hopefully soon.

It is imperative that this information gets through to the FDA, as here we have a credible scientist, collating information that highlights the essential role that flavors play in vaping.

Interestingly, 47.7% really like the candy flavors.

Remember, these are grown men – aged over 30, telling us they like candy flavors. These are the flavors that the FDA and tobacco control are screaming about as luring the kids and are directly target to the kids.

Which is not true.

Here we have, plain as day, that fruity, sweet flavors are what keep adults vaping.

We are getting away from tobacco, getting away from smoking, and this is probably one of the reasons why tobacco flavors came in at such a measly 7.7%.

What is also interesting, is that these results match perfectly a similar study done back in 2016. This study looked at 20’000 vapers and was all about understanding the role that flavors play in and on the vaping journey. The researchers looked at the flavor preferences from 2011 to 2016, and during that time saw a huge jump in the popularity of fruit flavors over the tobacco ones.

This is how vaping works. We can see, with consistency now – over two years, that fruity flavors are the most preferred.

“Among them, the proportion of first e-cigarette purchases that were fruit-flavored increased from 17.8% of first purchases made before 2011 to 33.5% of first purchases made between June 2015 and June 2016. Tobacco-flavored first purchases almost halved during this time (46.0% pre-2011 to 24.0% between 2015 and 2016). Fruit/fruit beverage (73.9 to 82.9% of sampled users), dessert/pastry (63.5 to 68.5% of sampled users), and candy, chocolate, or sweets (48.7 to 53.4% of sampled users) were the most popular currently used e-cigarette flavors. Tobacco and menthol flavors, the two most popular flavors for initiating e-cigarette use prior to 2013, now rank as the 5th and 6th most popular currently used e-cigarette flavors, respectively.”

As vapers we know this. As vapers we can see the harm that this crusade against flavors is doing and will do.

The conclusion from 2016 and from now?

Vapers need the flavors – it’s the flavors that encourage them to switch away from tobacco, and it’s the flavors that keep them vaping, and its adults that like them.