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Great to see more supportive research about vaping coming out of the UK.

A vaping recent study, conducted at the University of East Anglia in England and funded by Cancer Research UK gives further backing for vaping.

The research concludes that vaping is helping people quit smoking, even if they do not want to.

The researchers also stated that ‘vaping may support long-term abstinence’ and attributed this to the enjoyable nature of vaping.

The study consisted of 40 vapers who were asked about their previous smoking habits and behaviours. They were also asked about their vaping habits including how they started vaping and why they switched from smoking.

Lead author, Dr Caitlin Notley said:

“We found that vaping may support long-term smoking abstinence. Not only does it substitute many of the physical, psychological, social and cultural elements of cigarette smoking, but it is pleasurable in its own right, as well as convenient and cheaper than smoking. Our study group also felt better in themselves – they noticed better respiratory function, taste and smell. But the really interesting thing we found was that vaping may also encourage people who don’t even want to stop smoking, to eventually quit.”

Out of the 40 vapers, 17% of these explained that they had never seriously attempted to stop smoking as they enjoyed smoking.

Dr Notley added:

“They hadn’t intended to quit smoking and had tried vaping on a whim, or because they had been offered it by friends. They went on to like it, and only then saw it as a potential substitute for smoking. Many people talked about how they saw vaping was a no pressure approach to quitting,”

This epitomises the outlook that vaping is so successful because it empowers smokers and puts the decision in their hands.

The study was funded by Cancer Research UK and Alison Cox, director of cancer prevention at Cancer Research UK explained that e-cigarettes have great potential as an aid to help people quit smoking for good. She said:

“The evidence so far shows that e-cigarettes are far safer than tobacco. It’s great to see this early indication that e-cigarettes could encourage smokers who weren’t originally thinking of quitting to give up.”

While this study is limited in terms of participants it does raise an important point. If smokers (even those who still enjoyed smoking) were more informed that vaping could satisfy their cravings and perhaps be more enjoyable would they be more inclined to ditch the cigarettes and switch to vaping?

Did you start vaping on a whim and became pleasantly surprised? Let us know in the comments below.