What has happened in the Vape World this week?

This week has brought us more news of plummeting smoking rates as vaping rates rise, Californians are at it again and want to ban all flavored e-liquid, despite a new study showing that vaping can help prevent a full relapse back to smoking. We look at who has their eye on Juul this week and note that vaping advocates are discussing dropping the term e-cigarette due to its connotations. Plus, e-cig companies in the UK are now allowed to promote the health benefits of vaping

Kicking off with the UK this week and their advertising standards body have decided that “The scientific evidence is sufficiently strong to permit generic health claims to be made by advertisers that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoked tobacco and that vaping is therefore significantly less harmful than smoking.

There are caveats involved though, as health claims must be backed up by evidence, and e cigarette advertising is still banned on the TV, radio and newspapers.

Onto another positive piece of news and we find a new study that shows vaping can and does help with preventing full relapses back to smoking! 40 people were involved in the study, and it wasn’t some dry lab study, this was using vapers and hearing their real stories. Smoking relapse is a complex issue and should be treated as such.

The study found, “that smoking lapse is perceived qualitatively differently when using e‐cigarettes as compared to past quit attempts. Having the pleasurable alternative of vaping meant that full relapse to smoking was not inevitable. Instead, lapses were perceived as ‘permissive’ or ‘purposive’, intentional and contextualized, or for some as unintentional, with the resulting emotional response negatively reinforcing ongoing tobacco smoking abstinence.”

Now we circle to those smoking/vaping statistics that legislators love to play with, and we point out again that as vaping rates have risen, smoking rates have plummeted among the USA youth. Titled, “Examining the relationship of vaping to smoking initiation among US youth and young adults: a reality check”, the authors came to the following conclusion:

 “Conclusions: The inverse relationship between vaping and smoking was robust across different data sets for both youth and young adults and for current and more established smoking. While trying electronic cigarettes may causally increase smoking among some youth, the aggregate effect at the population level appears to be negligible given the reduction in smoking initiation during the period of vaping’s ascendance.

Note: we are still waiting for the full disclosure from the FDA regarding their teen vaping statistics as mention in last week’s round up[KK1] , and we will only mention briefly here, the news that California legislators want to ban all e-liquid flavors because they believe they entice teens to take up smoking.   

It seems no week is complete without mentioning the fate of Juul. The FDA are the not the only ones scrutinizing them, Tobacco firm Altria are allegedly eyeing up the e-cigarette market, with several financial reports  this week stating the same information – that Altria want a piece of the JUUl pie – “As they say, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Tobacco giant Altria Group (NYSE:MO) is reportedly in talks to acquire a minority ownership stake in leading electronic cigarette manufacturer Juul Labs.”

Altria are said to be looking at Juul because of the nicotine salts in their e-liquid.

And finally, for this week, the discussion continues but this time on the other side of the world. Should we all drop the name e-cigarette? The NNA Australia – New Nicotine Alliance believes it’s about time we did. They write, “There’s no denying that the term e-cigarette leads many to an association with smoking, and this really is the issue here. We’re associating a far safer product with one that kills 7 million people a year. As I ponder this, I really wonder why we didn’t see it coming. The misguided negativity, and at times, a blatant disparaging toward a technology that will, and already has, saved many, many lives.

So, I ask all to drop the word e-cigarette, and start using vape or vaporizer, as it really seems to be the most logical alternative. Let’s face it, ENDS, or electronic nicotine delivery system, is a tad too scientific, not sexy, and certainly quite a mouthful.” 


 [KK1]Can you link?