"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."

Winston Churchill said that.

We are also going to suggest that vapers might have something in common with 300 Spartans that did their best to save Sparta before the onslaught of the Persian army.

This is fighting talk is it not?

Last week we saw headline after headline regarding flavorings damaging blood vessels.

But do they? If they do, to what extent?

Many researchers that cry ‘damage!’ fail to tell us the flavors cause the same damage as caffeine or exercise.

This week we see article after article stating that smoking rates are at their lowest – now 14% - which equates to 30 million smokers in a population of 325.7 million.

Yet over half of this one article in Fortune magazine, supposedly about low smoking rates is about e-cigarettes, and it’s not nice:

“This report does not take into account the use of e-cigarettes — battery-powered electronic devices that turn nicotine into an aerosol that is then inhaled. While there are some that say electronic cigarettes may help smokers quit, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force found that “evidence is insufficient to recommend e-cigarettes for smoking cessation in adults, including pregnant women.” The FDA has not approved e-cigarettes as an aid for quitting smoking.”

It continues:
“According to CDC data from 2016, 3.2% of U.S. adults used e-cigarettes. In a report released last week, only 7.6% of high school students reported smoking cigarettes. However, 11.7% of high schoolers said they used e-cigarettes. People in some areas in Northern California worried that flavored tobacco products including e-cigarette flavors are targeting kids and are considering restricting their sale. San Francisco has already banned flavors.

How did an article about the lowest smoking rates ever, become one demonizing vaping?

No, the FDA haven’t approved them for quitting smoking, but did you spot the lies?

E cigarettes do help people get away from tobacco and stay away, as this article in Medical Express illustrates, and in the UK the Government would much rather a pregnant woman used an e cigarette than she smoke. As for teens, well those number are at their lowest too. 

Carl Phillips has written a great post about the lies that the tobacco control movement tell, including the sheer volume of them – hence our weak attempt at are ‘we the 300’. Anyone who has seen that movie will understand the analogy.

Phillips talks about how even by attempting to refute the lies, we have to repeat them – case in point with this post, as we have repeated the lies simply by pasting part of the Forbes article. We also have to pour cold water and doubt on the very institution that is supposed to engender trust.


The FDA have form for this though. They did some research years ago that allegedly found ‘anti-freeze’ in e -liquid. That was roundly debunked as poor science and scare mongering, but it is still lodged in the memory banks.

Their most recently published and funded research attempts to show flavor compounds harm blood vessels, yet no comparators were used, they appear to use very high concentrations of flavor compounds, and again, was the damage comparable to caffeine or cigarette smoking?

At the very end of that research article is a neat little sentence that suggests ‘this research is enough for either banning flavors or regulating them tightly’.

We will now have to a) repeat the research, and b) point out the flaws of the FDA in order to show you the truth.
How many will sit up and take notice of it when we do?

The FDA press release regarding that research has gone around the English-speaking globe, and millions will believe it, purely because it comes from the FDA.

It grinds you down, being aware of the lies, as it is designed to do. We are a small band of 300, fighting the might of the FDA and tobacco control, who seem to have this weird dystopian vision of the future that somehow doesn’t have smoking in it, but does, and people are still on the treadmill of smoking, NRT, back to smoking, back to NRT.

The countries that are embracing e cigarettes are seeing phenomenal drops in smoking rates. The USA, probably in large part due to e cigarettes are seeing that same trend. It will be interesting then, if the FDA get their way and they ban flavors, if those smoking rates start to climb again, in both adult and teen categories.

But one last thing….

If you need further proof that lies abound within tobacco control, in a recent little article about Alzheimer’s and the role nicotine can play in that – we get a scientist stating –

For starters, nicotine by itself isn't very addictive at all, according to Dr. Paul Newhouse, the director of Vanderbilt University's Center for Cognitive Medicine. Nicotine seems to require assistance from other substances found in tobacco to get people hooked.
"People won't smoke without nicotine in cigarettes, but they won't take nicotine by itself," said Newhouse, who has done extensive research into beneficial effects of nicotine on the brain. "Nicotine is not reinforcing enough. That's why FDA agreed nicotine could be sold over the counter. No one wants to take it because it's not pleasant enough by itself. And it's hard to get animals to self-administer nicotine the way they will with cocaine."

"It seems very safe even in non-smokers," he said. "In our studies we find it actually reduces blood pressure chronically. And there were no addiction or withdrawal problems, and nobody started smoking cigarettes. The risk of addiction to nicotine alone is virtually nil."

If you haven’t already done so – join CASAA. Let’s NOT be the 300 – lets match the might of the FDA.

But if you can’t be bothered and think this is someone else’s fight, you are sorely mistaken.