You make it so easy to take stuff from you!


(image from Pexels: Vlasislav Reshetnyak)

At the moment, you as a vaper are an anecdote, a ‘something’ in the wind that can’t quite be grasped.

You, you delightfully squishy little anecdote can be completely manipulated by others because a) You don’t have the money. b) You can’t be bothered.

Seriously – check this out…

"As of this writing, there are almost 400,000 comments on the docket, most of which appeared in a very short period."

(Hmm, something fishy going on?)

To put this in context, the total comments on the original deeming regulation (e-cig ones) was only in the tens of thousands and the current docket on the regulation of premium cigars has less than 8,000. The current docket on the FDA’s concept paper on black markets currently has only 29 comments. There are unconfirmed reports that anti-tobacco extremist, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is behind the astroturfing.” Somebody is playing dirty here.


Not sure what we, and Carl Phillips who’s quoted above are referring to?

The regulation of flavored tobacco

Which means YOUR E-LIQUID.

The FDA are going to regulate it – but how they do this is down to YOU. Or perhaps you're going to let Bloomberg and his paid minions regulate it for you? As in take it away from you?

In 2015, the CDC were aware of a survey documenting 2.5 million smokers using e-cigarettes, yet they had the gall to state that they didn’t have ‘population level’ evidence. (Quick question – feel free to pitch in with an answer – how large is population evidence? The population of say Iceland, which is 350’000? Or the population of Columbia, which is 48 million?) Anyway, that was 3 years ago – and we all know the numbers of vapers has risen massively since then. The FDA still seem to be telling us that the vaping evidence is ‘anecdotal’, especially when it comes to flavors.

Which means you are an anecdote – nothing real, a rumor, a possibility…

Nothing CONCRETE. Certainly nothing with an opinion of value. You’re not a billionaire, are you?

We have written about how the FDA want to ban flavors. San Francisco already has.

Well, now it’s time for vapers voices to be heard.

Which means you.

It suits the FDA if vaping is anecdotal, because anecdotal evidence holds less weight. It’s like hearsay…. “Oh, we heard that – but no numbers in black and white to back it up, so we don’t need to take notice….” Then, quick as quick thing they’ll do a slick knife throwing move and – hey look! (as they whip out a shiny folder full of statistics) “We have 400´000 comments that say ban e-liquids, because you know, kids, and unicorns, and whatever else we feel like adding.”

Where are the 400’000 comments in favor of e-liquids?

Oh, they couldn’t be bothered, because you know, TV, YouTube, my mom’s aunt’s dog was getting married and then, well wow, I had to fight the aliens that were after my favorite e-juice...

And that was like… exhausting!

Yes, all the shouty caps and not so veiled sarcasm and criticism is here for a reason – vapers you need to get off your backsides! 

Brad Rodu has written about the new campaign that Vapor Technology Association (VTA) and Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives (CASAA) just launched, called “I Am Not An Anecdote”. The aim is to present population level evidence, (think more than 400’000 comments) and specifically population level evidence regarding flavors, so you as a vaper can keep vaping them. “The groups are asking vapers to submit to the FDA detailed, sworn statements to “encourage Congress and federal regulators to reject any proposal that would ban OR limit flavored e-liquid products.” You might not be a billionaire loaded up to the eye balls with money, but you have VOICE. Now is the time to use it.

Here is what you need to do:

• Click on the -> link.

• Read through the statement, so you know what you are doing.

• Fill out the form

• then click submit.

Go do it -> now, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes, but those five minutes will make a HUGE difference to every vaper in the USA. Remember, we are up against billionaires with vested interest, their vested interests, not YOURS. No, you don’t have to like your fellow vaper, you don’t have to even like us, but what you do need to do – take some -> action.

We are not asking you to get out and march, wave a placard, a banner, or even make loud rude noises in the vague direction of those against vaping – though should you choose to….

Click on the -> link – you are on the internet anyway reading this – so please -> DO IT.

You have until the 19th July to make a difference.