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Welcome! We have an Odyssey article in Liam's Lab, a very informative article from Jeff and the new Expedition Range is setting sail to be one of our best ranges yet!t


The Company Founder Is Back In Town 

Last week saw a long awaited visit from Jason Cropper, founder of Totally Wicked. It had been a while since he had been in town and on top of his agenda was a visit to the Totally Wicked Bradenton Vapers Lounge. 

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 e-cig tips with Scarlett  

More Than 9 Million Adult Vapers in the USA

Numbers from the CDC for last year show that 3.7% of American adults use e-cigarettes on a regular basis, making the number of vapers around the 9 million mark. 


The CDC, that have traditionally been against e-cigarettes did a huge survey, with the key findings for 2014...

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A Guide on Mixing Your Own E-liquid ​

This month I'm going to talk about mixing. Being asked how you start mixing is probably the most FAQ on the forum. You can mix using the ingredients from our mixing range or indeed mix your pre-made e-liquids together.

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 Liam's Lab guest writer  

Making Our Customers an Offer They Can't Refuse!

Hello Totally Wicked newsletter readers. It has been a hectic couple of months since my last newsletter update but an exciting period for the e-liquid development team. We have plenty of e-liquid news to cover, and I can also give you an update on the completion of our new e-liquid laboratory.  

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